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Nov 26, 2007 11:44 AM

Nespresso Machines?

Hello. I'm looking to buy an espresso machine for a gift for a couple. Currently they use a stovetop machine. The guy has a nespresso at work and loves it. Have a couple of questions:

1. We are looking to spend about $200. I've noticed that there are several options for $179. What is the difference between the C90 and the D90.

2. Can you buy the coffee pods at other places than their website? Is there a discount place to purchase these pods in bulk?

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  1. The C90 and the D90 are the same machine, just a different look. The C100 and D100 are the step up from these machines($229) and can be programmed to the size of shot you want. With the 90 you have to push the button to start and also to stop the shot.None of these machines have milk frothers, cup warmers, or any other frills.

    Nespresso pods are proprietary and only available through Nespresso website and stores(one in NYC, don't know where else in the US). Order online, minimum 5 tube order. 2 day shipping included in price.

    We've had a C90 for about a year and half now and are very happy with it. We use it in the evenings..quick and easy and consisitently a most respectable shot of espresso. Our favorite pods are teh purple Apeggio and for the decaf options we like the Decaf Intensivo.

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      Thank you so much for your response. I think we'll be going for the C100 or D100. Too bad you can only use their pods. They're a bit expensive.

    2. Any chance George Clooney personally delivers it?

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        Paris has Nespresso pod shops. There's one just around the corner from Bon Marche. You can't miss it: there is a huge photo of George in the window!

      2. I have a D300, which I bought about 3-4 years ago. It's a bigger, more complex machine than you're looking at, and I don't think they even sell them anymore. I absolutely adore mine. It makes THE most reliable tasty cup. I didn't think I'd like the coffee pods - the whole deal about that - but it's so very easy. I bought a nice looking ceramic jar with a lid that I keep next to the machine and the expended pods get popped in there. I put a plastic bag inside and just pull out the bag when it's close to full. The pods, as far as I know, can only be purchased online or by phone from Nespresso. But maybe they do have a store in NYC now. I order a bunch of them when I order. You can buy some of the Nespresso machines slightly used on ebay. Go take a look. I bought one of my model for our son-in-law for a really good price. They're new (factory returns) that have been repaired, and they come with a limited warranty. Overall, I can't say enough good things about Nespresso. The D300 was $400 when I bought it new. I felt moderate guilt at spending so much money on the thing, but I've not regretted it one bit. Good luck.

        1. I have a Nespresso machine. Mine is the D290, a lot more machine than the ones you are looking at. I had owned other expensive espresso machine before that I hated to use. Just too much work and inconsistent shots.

          My husband was very wary of having to buy pods from them. But after he tried it and tasted the espresso, he was sold. It is perfect for us. We make drinks in the AM and PM and love to entertain. This machine allows us to make multiple beverages in little time.
          Williams sonoma store will demo any of the nespresso machines. I recommend taking a closer look/taste of them.

          1. I recently had their coffee while shopping at Sur La Table. I didn't care for the taste at all. Most stores of this nature (Williams-Sonoma, etc.) will have units on display that will brew a cup for you. In my opinion this is the best way to sample. Pods are not cheap and it seems that this unit limits your ability to try other coffee manufacturers.

            I suggest you check out these websites for comparison shopping.


            Also, call around to Starbucks. They may have some of the barista units available. They were closed out in the late summer and a store that isn't in the best area may still have them in stock. These units sold for $99 dollars and included a free pound of coffee. Good reviews were posted on CoffeeGeeks.