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Nov 26, 2007 11:41 AM

New Year's Eve 2007-2008 suggestions

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good place to eat dinner on New Year's Eve in Manhattan. I will be going with my boyfriend and another couple, and we are trying to find a place that is trendy and upscale, but also not too loud. We are trying to avoid French, Thai, and seafood. I'm not the most adventurous eater, so nothing too crazy, but trendy/special is good. It would also be great if the place had a bar or something that we could go to after dinner... or if it is near a lot of other bars, that is fine too (but we would like to avoid one of the open bar places). We live in Hoboken and the other couple lives in Brooklyn, so something below 33rd street would probably be preferred (but we are open to travel if necessary).

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  1. Lupa does a 4-course fixed price New Year's dinner, and it certainly fits all of your criteria. My girlfriend and I went last year on New Year's and it was lovely-- the atmosphere was festive but the space was less crowded than usual, and certainly more quiet. The food there is always fantastic and you'll be close to lots of bars. To make sure you get a reservation, you need to call the morning of December 1-- I highly recommend it.

    170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

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      thanks!! this seems exactly like what we are looking for! i am going to call on 12/1 in the AM, hopefully i'll be able to get a res. do you remember what they served last year?

      anyone else.. i am open to more ideas in case this doesnt work out! thanks!

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        I have celebrated NYEs at Angelo and Maxies twice already. It's really fun, but noisy (there is a DJ, so thats something to consider). That being said, noisy aside, its really festive. It's prix fix, but actually really good. You choose your menu before hand and everything is so organized. You get to your table and there are NYEs hats, noise makers etc all over it. You also have a waiter who brings you everything and it is open bar. They have two bars in the restaurant, so you can walk around a bit, but your waiter also serves you alcohol so you don't need to fight at the bar. At midnight, everybody does a countdown and they give you champagne. I believe its $140 a person, which I dont think is too much considering how much food you get (appetizers for the table, main course, side dishes and desert) and non-stop open bar. It was really fun and festive and there are so many bars around there- the location couldn't be beat. I think they are taking reservations already, so you can just call for more info. I think it's really fun and you feel like you are actually out on NYEs but with really good food and without the crowded bar hassle. Enjoy!

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      1. Has anyone been to Creole, 2167 3rd Avenue, cnr 188th St? It's a jazz supper club and they are putting together a celebration for New Year's Eve. I'm hoping some chowhounds have been there. Thanks