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pho in houston

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anyone have a favorite pho joint in the houston area? i'd sure like to hear about it. art

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  1. Pho Siagon - downtown location is good but some others are franchiaed.

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      i second pho saigon. it's the best pho in midtown/downtown.

    2. pho truc

      but its on the northwest side, (veterans and 1960 area)

      1. Try Pho Binh Trailer located at 10930 Beamer Rd Houston, TX 77089 (281) 484-3963. Some older Vietnamese people told us about it. It's housed in a converted old trailer. Not very chic but who cares. Pho is so good there. Packed for lunch and sometimes closed for vacations and holidays. I would call before you drive there.

        1. as far as pho in midtown, i retract my recommendation for pho saigon. thien an sandwiches has a better broth although i'm slightly annoyed that i have to ask for fresh cilantro which does not come on their plate of fresh veggies/herbs. it's 2905 travis st. in the strip center that also houses escobar. also their banh mi sandwiches are only $2 each.

          1. Pho Dalat. West Tidwell off of 290.

            1. Are these places still reccomended in 2009? ... new in town (from NYC) and would love to get some Pho in my new home ... I work in the West University/Galleria area

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                Most of the places mentioned still get good reviews but there are some new ones. One in particular that a local food blogger, who is crazy for Pho, named it to be the best Pho she has had, and it is outside of Chinatown. Just google Pho Huy, and look for an article named "One for the Money . . ."

                There is another article that I want to share with you that has a blurb about pho, but other places as well. It may interest you but may fall more into the other query you had about being new in town. Whatever, here it is:


                Hope you find something good!