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Nov 26, 2007 11:12 AM

pho in houston

anyone have a favorite pho joint in the houston area? i'd sure like to hear about it. art

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  1. Pho Siagon - downtown location is good but some others are franchiaed.

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    1. re: GlobalFoodie

      i second pho saigon. it's the best pho in midtown/downtown.

    2. pho truc

      but its on the northwest side, (veterans and 1960 area)

      1. Try Pho Binh Trailer located at 10930 Beamer Rd Houston, TX 77089 (281) 484-3963. Some older Vietnamese people told us about it. It's housed in a converted old trailer. Not very chic but who cares. Pho is so good there. Packed for lunch and sometimes closed for vacations and holidays. I would call before you drive there.

        1. as far as pho in midtown, i retract my recommendation for pho saigon. thien an sandwiches has a better broth although i'm slightly annoyed that i have to ask for fresh cilantro which does not come on their plate of fresh veggies/herbs. it's 2905 travis st. in the strip center that also houses escobar. also their banh mi sandwiches are only $2 each.

          1. Pho Dalat. West Tidwell off of 290.