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Nov 26, 2007 10:37 AM

Loudoun County's Expanding Restaurant Choices

We're finally had the opportunity to try some of LoCo's newer restaurants. Here are some quick thoughts:

Callaloo Cuisine, Broadlands: Very nice Caribbean-themed restaurant. Most of the things we tried were very good. One exception: Sweet potato fries were practically tasteless, a far cry from what I got at many places in South Florida. A nice, interesting addition to the local dining scene.

Sorrento Grill, Ashburn: Mediterranean-themed. Got some wraps (grilled shrimp, lamb) and a tomato-onion salad to go. All very good; generous portions too.

American Flatbread, Broadlands: Lived up to the hype. Standout pies were the Punctuated Equilibrium (kalamata olives, goat cheese, etc) and Sun-Dried Tomato/Mushroom.

My Thai Place, Brambleton: My very favorite soup, tom kha kai, was excellent. Drunken noodles very good too. No clunkers. Yet another Thai place to add to the rotation. Cool decor too.

I'd like to know people's thoughts on these places and any others in South Riding/Brambleton/Ashburn/Broadlands that have opened recently. There seems to be a lot of new eateries in these shiny new plazas and not all of them are dull chains.

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  1. I know Del Rey has been mentioned a few times on this board. They're located in Ashburn. I wasn't so keen on the lunch buffet, but others say it's good for mexican fare.

    Manhattan Pizza makes a wonderful NYC style pie.

    There's Foster's Grill (chain) that makes burgers that I prefer over 5 Guys. Less greasy and just-as-good fries. A Cheesburger Cheeburger will be coming soon which should give that some competition.

    I've heard good things about Naruto Sushi, but haven't been myself.

    I'm not too fond of the new Clyde's out there, but some people like it. Nothing special, just typical "good" Clyde's type food. Decent for brunch.

    I'm still not too impressed with the selection out this way. Most of the newer restaurants border on good to mediocre.

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      Oh yeah, we tried the new Clyde's too. It's a massive place; someone there told us it can hold 800 diners at once or something like that. We had a generally good lunch but one clunker was the barbecued (as in New Orleans style, slathered with sauce) shrimp appetizer. Overpriced and boring.

      Another good choice is Rangoli (Indian) in South Riding.

      1. re: sbouldin

        Naruto is a relative of Aoba in Sterling; I like it just fine over the other Japanese restaurants in the area. Bangrak Thai in Ashburn/Ryan Park is a meh. It's very pretty, but the food wasn't very good. Maybe it was first month jitters and kinks, but I wouldn't bother.

        1. re: sbouldin

          I wonder if Foster's Grille is inconsistent. We've been to the one in Herndon a couple of times and thought that the burgers were dried out and overcooked. Now, I do understand the concerns about E coli but still...can't they be cooked properly without getting dried out?

          1. re: MizYellowRose

            I am a burger fanatic and have eaten in every burger joint within 25 miles of my home (I shouldn't be proud of that fact!) and the Vienna and Ashburn Fosters Grilles have never let me down. Clydes- we go for atmosphere, not food. nothing stands out ontheir menu except the prices, imho.

            Cafe Panache- already endorsed them in another post but their menuis always fun to check out.

            Bonefish- a steady favorite- always reliable excellent food and service.

            Cafe Rumi- my new morning cuppa Joe- wooooonderful pastry, cakes, and at lunch- sandwiches.

            Bean Scene Cafe, another old favorite- great atmosphere- free wifi, good sandwiches and delicious hot and cold drinks.

        2. Went to American Flatbread last night, on account of the recommendation from Washingtonian. The menu is very limited, with one salad and 7 choices of pizzas and some non-interesting specials. We tried the New Virginia Sausage pizza. It's nothng special. Everyone working there is really young. Customers drag infants to the restaurant. Teenage girls stop in on the way home from the pool. We won't be going back.