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Nov 26, 2007 10:36 AM

Vogglio d'pizza -- c'mon, Chowhounders, CHOW DOWN! :-)

Folks, after a couple of recent chats with Luis, I am worried that Vogglio d'pizza is not busy enough. So that we don't lose this little gem, I encourage all of you to think of ordering from Luis when you get the urge to splurge on some grease wheel. He's a nice guy, making nice pies; we should support him as best we can. Patronize or perish, no? :-)

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  1. are you serious? I'm hearing about 2 and 3 hours waits- I adore this stuff and will probably order some tomorrow, but if anything it seems too busy, and while the pies are superb, it will be the waits that are Luis' undoing. That's not going to keep me away since I am close by, but it has to be addressed.

    1. I am definitely all for supporting this man's livelihood, and he is great at what he does, but seriously... being made to wait 2.45 hours is a bit much. I completely agree with JM. I guarantee that if he could do something about this ambiguous, and inevitably prolonged wait situation, his business would do a lot better. A friend of mine now refuses to return after being made to wait three times for twice as long as he was told. If it's going to be 3 hours, tell us 3 hours!

      1. As above, I haven't tried the place even though I really, really want to because juggling rush hour traffic and a potential wait for hours hasn't been at all appealing. If my timing isn't perfect driving home can take over an hour. I can't imagine that would improve the product or my state of mind. May have to drag the whole family down and eat in the car. Picture my state of mind if we all have to wait.

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          I can sympathize. two kids under two in the car waiting around... I have been to that trapped-in-vehicle state of mind... it's a dark place :) in the summer it wasn't so bad b/c we could wander around and then eat in the nearby park, but I don't think that the adult store will welcome my whole family in there to wait.

          1. re: alex8alot

            There are certainly things Luis needs to address to keep his business afloat.

            I've been compiling some common complaints, and some possible ares of improvement to present to him. I would like to be part of his success, because I really believe that Vogglio could become a Calgary INSTITUTION with the right guidance.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Of course- the problem we're talking about is when the order taker (sometimes Luis, sometimes somebody else) tells you "it'll be ready in 45 minute," you show up in 45 mins and then have to wait a sometimes very long time for your actual pizza. His estimates are usually wrong, sometimes WAY wrong.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Okay, scored a Mexicana tonight and it was the same story as last time, not too bad- ordered 5:15, told 45 mins, got there around 6:05, pizza in my hands around 6:20. Still not accurate but it was not too bad. The 'za was predictably fantastic, crust even better than previous visits.