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Nov 26, 2007 10:25 AM

Help!! New Year`s Eve in costa mesa w/kids.

Hi chow friends, we will be traveling to orange county for a disneyland vacation and we are looking for a good place to spend new years eve, please consider;

* a group of 6 adults (including grandpa and grandma) and 4 kids (2-2 yrs old and 2-4yrs old)
* staying around John Wayne airport and have a car but will prefer not to drive more than 15 miles around)
* Looking for a family-kids friendly restaurant with good food, we love seafood, californian, italian, even a chinese restaurant we think could be fun and delicious.

On the other side, we are considering if the restaurants appears to be packed with not so worth expensive menuĀ“s and rushed service, to get some take out food and wine or beer and spend the evening at the hotel, if that seems a good idea for you guys we apprecciate some recs for it!!

As always thank you very much for you kind advice.

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  1. Maybe Buca di Beppo in HB or Maggianos in CM?

    Near aiport there are tons and tons of places, but not sure what is on for NYE anywhere.

    Do you want to be at a restaurant at midnight?

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      Thanks ! docb i will look forward for both, since we are with small children we dont really want to be that late at the restaurant, we are thinking of a quiet place with good food and planning to leave maybe at 10:00, if anything else comes in mind i appreciate it!!

    2. I like the Persian place Orchid on Bristol, by South Coast Plaza. It's a large dining room and they can accommodate any size party. The service can be a bit slow, but the portions are large, the prices are low, and the food is actually really good. Mostly everyone can find something to eat. Kebobs and rice, vegetables, are always a favorite. Or you can get more adventurous and try something new.