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Nov 26, 2007 10:21 AM

Rio De Janeiro- New Year's Eve

I am going to be in Rio (staying in leblon) from December 26, 2007 until January 2, 2008. I am looking for restaraurant suggestions in general. In particular I am looking for a place in Ipanema for New Year's Eve (Reveillon). Ideally it would be close to the beach so that we could head there after to see the fireworks, shows, etc. I was thinking maybe the Fasano Mare restaurant in the new Philippe Starck hotel? I don't mind expensive if its a cool scene and the food is good.


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  1. HI!! i'm from Rio de Janeiro, and I can tell you, Fasano Al MAre is THE place to be lately. That said, make sure you call way in advance to make reservations for new year's (our Reveillon). I would definetely recommend you to have dinner there but then walk to Copacabana since there is nothing really special in Ipanema (where Fasano is) to see the fireworks in Copa (it is really beautiful and worth the short walk). On the 31st, all the beaches are closed to traffic , therefore, you have no choice but walk. If you are staying in Leblon, another choice would be the Bar d'Hotel, which is also by the beach. It is trendy but is not as nearly as fancy as the Fasano al MAre. You could also go to one of the big hotels in Copacabana but if you are looking for trendy, that would not be it... Anyway, if you go to the Fasano, do not forget to go to the penthouse where the pool is. It has one of the most beautiful views in town -day and night !! Feliz Ano Novo!!!

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      Flavia- Obrigada!! I was told on Reveillon that the beach in Ipanema usually has fireworks or a concert or a dance party? I am staying at the Marina Palace in Leblon and am concerned about the safety of walking back from Copacabana late at night on Reveillon. Also, are you allowed up to the roof of the Fasano if you are not a guest? Thank you for your help!

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        Ipanema has some fireworks, but it does not come close to Copacabana... Last year ipanema hosted the Black Eyed Peas concert since the City Council is trying to make people go to Ipanema (and not stay solely in Copacabana) but I dont know that they are doing anything special this year. Copa is really worth seeing. I do not think it a problem walking on New Years Day ( Ipanema and Leblon are usually safe places anytime anyway). And the beaches are very crowded until early in the morning of jan 1st. I usually have dinner in Ipanema with friends (actually not far from the Fasano) and then walk to Copa every year at around 23:30. It is a very nice ambiance, everybody wears white, some people carry champagne and grapes (it is supposed to bring good luck if you eat them at midnight...LOL) and there is no problema security wise. From Fasano , it is really a short walk (check Google Maps to see) . About the rooftop, it is usually closed to non-guest but I am sure that if you are having dinner there, they would open an excpetion. There is a bar so maybe you can have a drink there just before dinner!! That would be perfect!!! make sure to ask the maitre D' - they are usually extremely helpful and accomodating. And don't forget to bring something white to wear if you dont want to feel out of place LOL !!!

    2. Is Fasano Al Mare affiliated with the upscale Italian restaurant called Fasano in Sampa?

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        Yes, same owner, Rogerio Fasano. Also owns Gero

      2. Additional inputs to Flavia comments.

        1) Ipanema is not having another big event because last years' event with Black Eyed Peas showed that the beach, for being narrower than copacabana, did not have the space for such large event.

        2) i went to last years Black eyed peas concert. At midnight, there WERE NO fireworks. it was dull!!! then the concert started at 12:20. so my recommendation is NOT to spend midnight in Ipanema as Flavia said.

        3) The word is that there will be dance and electronic music in Ipanema beach around Posto 9.

        4) I suggest to call Fasano to see if you would be allowed to access the hotel on New Years Eve and go to the rooftop. Since there may be millions of people in the streets, i would doubt that they would allow regular pedestrians to access the hotel based on safety and peacefulness of their guests.

        5) in sum, come on and enjoy Rio! Fireworks in copacabana, dance party in Ipanema after the fireworks. Or go to another party in town. There are parties at Jockey Club, Lagoa, MAM Museum and Hotel Intercontinental that will be popular for see-and-be-seen and dating spots. Expensive, but an option.

        6) i walk every year from Leblon to Copacabana at night. There are hundreds of people walking in the same direction. NO problem

        and lastly,

        WEAR WHITE! Some people wear yellow for money, but 90% are in white shirts, white shorts or white white.

        cheers, alex

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        1. re: abbradford

          Fasano Al Mare is $1500 reals a person for dinner!!! That is about $900 U.S. dollars which is insane even by New York City standards. It isnt even open bar- just wine and champagne I think. I think I will take your advice and do the Copacabana fireworks thing and then go to Ipanema afterwards. What is the MAM Museum?

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            OMG !!! they are completely insane!!! The MAM is the Modern Art Museum. It is in Flamengo which is far from Copacabana. Well actually, it is not that far, but since it is very hard to drive on the 31 st (since the beaches are all closed) I would recomend you stay around Copacabana and Ipanema, where you can walk pretty much everywhere. You can have dinner in Ipanema, maybe something like the Bar D'Hotel which is by the beach, then walk to Copacabana around 23:00 to see the fireworks. There is also a fun place in Copacabana, very young and quite trendy, the Copa Café. I don't know if they are doing anything special on New Years Day, but it is right on the beach so you would be close to all the action!!!

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              Can anyone down in Rio let me know why it has been SO COLD the past few days? Is this normal!!!!!!

              1. re: DRLCH14

                Well, it has been raining non-stop for 2 days now, but it is NOT cold!!! I'm in short sleeves as I write this (in Rio de janeiro) and it is 9:00 PM. And, no, the rain is definitely not normal. It is usually extremely hot at this time of the year. But I have to tell you, we have been getting bizarre weather down here all year long. I was at the beach this past sunday and it was a gorgeous summer day but last summer was extremely rainy as well.