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Nov 26, 2007 09:54 AM


I am a fan of Miolo's Terra Nova Muscat, an aromatic white wine from Brazil, light bodied with pear and floral aromas nicely balanced with just enough acidity. It worked well with a variety of foods here in the Miami summer. But lately it has disappeared from the few bodegas that had it.

I found a suitable replacement with Alice White Lexia from Australia made from Muscat.
With peach and pineapple and floral overtones on the nose. The fruitiness continues in the mouth, with pear, melon, and green apple notes. There’s a hint of acidity in the finish. It made a great white sangria mixed with fruit, vodka and Italian pear/peach soda.

Alice White also makes a Red Lexia.

I have found contradicting reviews of both stating the grapes being used are Blanc a Petit Grains or Gordo Blanco.

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  1. The Alice White website sites only "Muscat." There is no such thing, as you know. Muscat blanc a petit grains is the "main" (and best) Muscat grape variety, but Muscat of Alexandria is more widely planted. Muscat Gordo Blanco is a synonym for Muscat of Alexandria.

    If it really makes a difference, I would contact them at:

    Alice White Vineyards
    Attn: Consumer Relations
    4614 West Turner Road
    Lodi, CA 95242