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Knife bag

I travel with my knives. (Who doesn't?) I love to cook at friends' and family's homes, but I prefer to be playing with my own knives.

I'm tired of strapping cardboard to the blades to protect the knives (and my luggage). So I'm going to get a knife bag. But looking online, the price varies from $20-$70 for a knife bag. I just want it to be functional and not get all torn up by good knives. Can anyone recommend a good knife bag for traveling?

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  1. I find wrapping knives in newspaper really works....protects them AND you....

    1. I looked into buying a knife bag for annual trips to a rented villa in Mexico. The guy who sharpens knives at Henry Westfal in Manhattan talked me out of it. He said the cheaper bags are too flimsy and a well-sharpened knife will cut right through them. And the heavyweight, more expensive, bags just seemed like overkill for my needs. They hold a whole battery of knives and I was just taking three or four. I ended up buying knife guards and they worked perfectly. Much less expensive; much less bulky to carry.

      1. i like my knife roll from wusthoff-- (similar) about $40, lasts for years & very functional, multi-pockets can schlepp other items as well


        if you need a small-scale, quick cheaper fix, try a knife case/knife safe for a single blade, available at many kitchen supply stores or:


        1. How many knives are you looking to carry and of what size? Do you want to be able to take any other items/tools with you?

          1. I have the M1066-16 case for my knife/tool kit. My case is well above what most home cooks need, but their smaller cases work well and will last for years if given reasonable treatment. I have 3 of the Lampson plastic cases for my knives that don't fit in the block in my drawer.


            You can make a serviceable case if you are handy with the sewing machine, plus a yard of Cordura nylon and a Velcro strap.

            1. I don't have a knife bag, but I do have a few knives more than I have good storage space for. I've used these very inexpensive plastic edge guards for them, and I'd think that with these installed on each knife just about any knife bag would be capable of giving good service.


              1. For occasional use, you could go to the auto parts store or Wally World etc. and buy a package of auto door guard. Cut it to length, put it on the knife edges, and wrap them in your apron. You do take an apron, right?

                1. Buy a $20 roll from Wustof or Messermeister, then spend $3 per knife for Wustof or Messermeister plastic blade protectors. My rolls look like they're brand new because I never use them to store naked blades.

                  And neither should you.

                  -Chef Beowulf

                  1. I have a small, six slot knife block I use for this. It gives me somewhere to put the knives to keep them handy at my destination, too. Downside is the block doesn't fit my Shun 10" chef's knife, so I just put that one back in its box to take with if I think I'll need it. The rigidity of a block over a bag gives me more peace of mind when traveling with them, and the block cost a lot less than a decent bag.

                    1. I use ones like this that I bought at a local store:
                      and wrap them in tea towels- because you can always use tea towels

                      I also use them on the knives that I have built when giving them as gifts. You don't want someone shaking the box under the tree and a 10" chef's blade slides out the end of the box.

                        1. re: scubadoo97

                          I've got the same bag from Korin. Combine that with edge guards and you can't go wrong.

                        2. These rock!:


                          Just decide what size you want, I love the shoulder strap and great colors available.