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Nov 26, 2007 09:52 AM

Knife bag

I travel with my knives. (Who doesn't?) I love to cook at friends' and family's homes, but I prefer to be playing with my own knives.

I'm tired of strapping cardboard to the blades to protect the knives (and my luggage). So I'm going to get a knife bag. But looking online, the price varies from $20-$70 for a knife bag. I just want it to be functional and not get all torn up by good knives. Can anyone recommend a good knife bag for traveling?

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  1. I find wrapping knives in newspaper really works....protects them AND you....

    1. I looked into buying a knife bag for annual trips to a rented villa in Mexico. The guy who sharpens knives at Henry Westfal in Manhattan talked me out of it. He said the cheaper bags are too flimsy and a well-sharpened knife will cut right through them. And the heavyweight, more expensive, bags just seemed like overkill for my needs. They hold a whole battery of knives and I was just taking three or four. I ended up buying knife guards and they worked perfectly. Much less expensive; much less bulky to carry.

      1. i like my knife roll from wusthoff-- (similar) about $40, lasts for years & very functional, multi-pockets can schlepp other items as well

        if you need a small-scale, quick cheaper fix, try a knife case/knife safe for a single blade, available at many kitchen supply stores or:

        1. How many knives are you looking to carry and of what size? Do you want to be able to take any other items/tools with you?

          1. I have the M1066-16 case for my knife/tool kit. My case is well above what most home cooks need, but their smaller cases work well and will last for years if given reasonable treatment. I have 3 of the Lampson plastic cases for my knives that don't fit in the block in my drawer.


            You can make a serviceable case if you are handy with the sewing machine, plus a yard of Cordura nylon and a Velcro strap.