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Nov 26, 2007 09:48 AM

Scoops vs. Pazzo Gelato?

We have friends/family coming in from out of town and want to take them to try unusual flavor combination gelato/sorbet. I've read good things about both places, but would like to know which one is really worth the drive from the Pasadena area?


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  1. Both good but Scoops wins the unique and unusual flavors contest by a long shot!!!

    1. I would vote for Pazzo -- the combinations are creative and sometimes offbeat, but always calibrated to actually work as an ice cream flavor rather than just be a novelty. The gelato is fairly expensive but it's very good quality. Plus you can check out Intelligentsia Coffee across the street, and Silver Lake Cheese if you want.
      Scoops is also fun to try, but the flavors are often too wacky to really work (large chunks of blue cheese floating around in your gelato, for example) and although the price is very reasonable, the gelato itself isn't that spectacular without the crazy combos.

      1. Go to both!

        Okay, Scoops is best if your friends are wacky. Also, if they're really into bikes this place is cool next door:

        Pazzo is more for everyone and there's stuff do within walking distance. More tables too.

        1. I'd say Scoops by a long mile. The flavors are really great - sure, there are the experiments, but there are a lot of more recognizable flavors, too - and the product is just superior. I've found Pazzo Gelato's product to be pretty unsatisfying on the whole, with a weird mouthfeel and strange aftertaste reminiscent of Mashti "Emulsifiers Are Awesome!" Malone's. Scoops' product seems, for a lack of better terms, cleaner and fresher, and that's why I go there. In fact, I'd even choose Al Gelato over Pazzo Gelato.

          1. Stay away from SCOOPS!!!!
            Then I wont have to wait for my yummy ice cream...the less people, the better for me...yum!!!
            Brown Bread!
            Vanilla Bean/Jim Beam!!!
            and anything else...mmm!!!