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Any good waffles in LA (NOT Belgian)?


Does anybody know of a good place for waffles in LA? I've already been to Roscoe's many times and every other place I go to only serves Belgian style.

Also, I'm looking for something in LA, not OC please.

Thanks chowhounders!

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  1. More than Waffles in Encino has good waffles.

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    1. re: Diana

      They are all Belgian and I'm looking for the standard kind.

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        maybe Dupar's? Pan's? Paty's? How about the Griddle?

    2. Hi,

      LeRoy's in Monrovia has both regular and Belgian waffles.

      1. I too enjoy a good waffle, non Belgian style. Not quite sure, but you might check out "The Original Pancake House" with various locations throughout the Southland.

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          The Original Pancake House does indeed have non-Belgian waffles. The pecan is my favorite, but they also have plain, bacon, strawberry, apple, coconut, and blueberry. Unfortunately, they have only one location in Los Angeles County -- Redondo Beach.

        2. call me crazy, but the waffles at Charlie's at Fairfax Farmer's Market are great and not Belgian.

          1. I dunno about Belgian, but I hear Scooter Kanfer is getting back on the saddle with a place called The Waffle right around Sunset and Vine... If her waffles are but as good as her Mac & Cheese, we're in for a treat!

            1. The Griddle Cafe

              Ed's Coffee Shop on Robertson

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                i agree on The Griddle. the waffle is very good. i also like the waffle at John O'Groats and it's not belgian.

              2. Potholder in Long Beach has the thinner, crisper style waffles. Cheap too!

                3700 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

                1. I'll bet Charlie's in the Original Farmer's Market has good waffles. Their pancakes are the best around.

                  1. Have you tried Original Pancake House? I haven't been to the LA location & I can't remember if they serve regular or belgian waffles, but I'm sure other people here will know.


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                      The Fountain at the Beverly Hills Hotel has delicious waffles.

                    2. the best waffles by far are at Cici's Cafe in Tarzana. They are delicious and there are a lot of flavors. If you can get to it you should also go to The Original Pancake House, which has tons of flavors and are really good

                      1. Brent's Deli in Northridge and Westlake has good non-Belgian waffles.

                        1. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Their waffles are to die for!