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I want to buy cookies!

Is there a bakery that sells a noteworthy or even sublime version of chocolate chip cookies?

Yes, I could make chocolate chip cookies myself, but they wouldn't be very good.

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  1. I think there was a thread a while back (over the summer?) on favorite chocolate chip cookies. City Bakery/Birdbath was mentioned. I think I voted for Grey Dog's giant cookies - they do have smaller ones, now, too.

    1. Jocque Torres makes a good one, but my favoriate is Levain on the UWS. It's a chocolate peanut butter chip and it's great.

      1. Even though I'm not a big cookie guy, I recommend the Treats Truck's chocolate chip cookie. Thick and chewy. They usually park at 38th and 5th two times a week and other places int he city on the other days. I think they also deliver but I can't say with certainty. Their website is www.treatstruck.com

        1. My favorites are City Bakery, Bouchon Bakery and Levain (more chewy and doughy than the previous two).

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          1. Agree with others. Out of this world for me personally is Levain, though my favorite there is oatmeal raisin. Treats truck is fab, as is City Bakery. Enjoy your quest!

            1. Dessert Delivery makes a damn good one and so does brgr

              1. LEVAIN BAKERY! NUF SAID!

                beats every cookie mentioned on this thread by miles...


                1. Have to disagree with the other posters here. I've tried Levain and found it too much like cookie dough, and I didn't find the chocolate particularly special. City Bakery is good but not great. I really liked Betsy's Place cookies when I tried them recently -- they're available at Dean and Deluca's. Simple but somehow well-rounded and delicious. But I'm still looking for my perfect chocolate chip cookie.

                  1. no one has mentioned ruby et violette. i have not had their cookies in a while but remember that there lemon chocolate chip cookies were to die for. they are on the small side and very delicious.

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                      Their web site says they're closed for remodeling and will reopen early next year ... http://rubyetviolette.com

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                        I avoid carbs, so I made my chocoholic friend try the cookies at Levain based on reviews here and on Eater. Just a few bites in and she was squealing like "When Harry Met Sally." It almost made me consider falling off the wagon so I could have what she was having.

                      2. I will add my two cents as well since I am also always on the hunt for good chocolate chip cookies. It depends on what you are looking for. I personally do not like City Bakery's cookies (and I am a fan of many of their food). I think they are too rich and after a few bites I can't eat more. I also don't like Gray Dog's which I found tasteless and dry and threw it out! (I only tried it once).

                        My favorites are at Paridise (a small take-out place on 4th Ave and 12th - everything there is great), Joe's Coffee and Jack's Coffee (both places sell very homemade tasting old style cookies - at Jack's you can smell them coming out of the oven if you time it right).

                        In a pinch the ones mentioned above at Dean and Deluca satisfy the craving, and surprisingly Au Bon Pain has pretty good cookies, buttery and soft, and you can get them in bags of 5 small cookies as opposed to the oversized ones you usually find elsewhere.

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                          this might sound sacrilegious but...i really enjoy the cookies at gourmet garage! i have tried their chocolate chunk, m&m, and toffee butterscotch crunch (my FAVE) cookies and they're really yummy...

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                            Jack's cookies are Aunt Rosie's (www.jacksstirbrew.com). They are very good if you like a soft, chewy cookie. Note, there is now a second Jack's on Front Street.