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Nov 26, 2007 09:36 AM


i know there are a bunch of posts on the board but didn't see anything of recent......went last nite and had the autumn menu. so good. bears repeating and reminding. had a very delicious black peppered tuna steak with spinach and french lentils, shared a bouillabaisse that is filled with all manners of seafood, great stock and toasted bread slathered with anchovy aioli to mix into the soup base. i love that it's luxurious, no skimping anywhere. friends had the roasted snapper with chive potato pancakes and haricots verts, the scallops with a grilled pear and an acorn squash puree.....and we also shared a lobster roll as our own version of an amuse bouche. a tarragon cucumber theme this time. i like to pack as many tastes in as possible.....because i can never choose and i really like it all. really nice seafood if you're so inclined.

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  1. i havent been there in about 2 years...i liked the space enough but nothing was incredible about it. yr meal sounds like its worth trying again though.

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      you should def try again. i think it's incredibly good and their menu changes seasonally so maybe you'll like this version more.

    2. I like Tides a lot, but the last couple of times that I went, there was no one there... I mean NO ONE. Plus they switched to cash only. Seemed like a deathwatch candidate.

      Are there signs of life?

      Hate to see a place with good food and a really nice owner lose out.

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        I went there on all the recommendations from Chowies. It definitely did NOT speak to me. And to get there from the opposite end of the city was more expensive than the tab!

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          i've been there when other people are there - and actually going again tonite. i really like it and if it is a deathwatch, i don't want to watch it wither away, i'd rather eat great seafood and maybe help turn it around if that's the case.