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Nov 26, 2007 09:25 AM

Any reviews for Stillwater in Downers Grove?

Haven't been to Stillwater in DG yet, but the initial things I'm reading are middling. Any opinions?

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        1. We had a terrible dining experience...just awful....went in on a week nite....were told to wait in the bar area....they gave us wine menus, but never took our orders...30 minutes later we were shown our tables....30 minutes later we finally got our hour later they finally served us our meal, which was cold and just plain mediocre....the six of us agreed that we'd never go back....The owner is in way over his head.

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            We live in Downers Grove and try to eat at our local places. We go to Stillwater about once every week or two. Sometimes we eat in the bar and sometimes in the restaurant area. The service is inconsistent as is the food, but Mark the owner seems to be trying. After all these visits, the owner finally came over to talk to us. Any good local restaurantur should start to recognize the locals who frequent their establishment. He didn't seem to know how often we dine there. I had even booked an office lunch there in January. Now that we have chatted it will be interesting to see if he remembers us. The food is up and down and some items seem pricey. Great burgers though. They have a very stylish slanted bowl that they serve alot of dishes in, but some should NOT be served in a bowl with a low slanted side. I've eaten some very messy meals there thanks to this oddly shaped bowl! He is adding some new appetizers and we tried the calamari which is not yet on the menu. It was ok. We also tried the cheese and mest board but is was over prices for the slivers of cheese and the couple of boxed club crackers that were included. The board at the DOC Wine Bar is MUCH better and included more interesting items. Because we are locals, we will be back but there are three new palces in the works and Stillwater's competition is about to get stiff.

            1. re: Bookchic

              What and where are the 3 new places in the works? I visit my family in DG a few times a year but am 1800 miles away in SoCal!

              1. re: RSMBob

                There is a new Mexican place across from the train stations- more upper scale Mexican, not impressed yet but it is an option.

                The old Herberts Menswear is being re-built into a family Italian restaurant and there is a third Italian bistro going in at the corner of Main on the south side of the train tracks.

            2. re: hooboy4

              Don't forget, there was a pomegranate sticker floating in Kristin's martini. No joke!!! The only good meal at the table was the country penne. Tasty, but not tasty enough to make up for the poor service, my bland chicken satay, and the hour long wait to receive our food. By the way, we got free cake to make up for the problems we encountered. The whole restaurent probably walked out with free cake that night! The cake was actually good, but not worth a return trip. I honestly couldn't recommend this place to anybody.

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