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Nov 26, 2007 09:13 AM

I need a 10th Anniversary Dining Group suggestion

I'm a member of a group which has been eating out every other week since 1998. The basic rules have been:
- Manhattan location
- Approximate cost of $34-$40 per person
- No restaurant repetitions
- No cuisine repetitions in a calendar year

We're looking for a restaurant to celebrate our 10th Anniversay in January with a higher price tage ($50-60?). What can people suggest for a celebratory meal that really conveys the viariety of food choices available in NYC?

nb - participation in the group is open to anyone with an interest in food and good conversation. More details available at

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  1. Do the pp prices you list include drinks, tax and tip? How many do you expect at this dinner?

    I would suggest Alta - delicious shared plates, and great drinks, too. And there's a great deal where you can order everything on the menu (to share, of course), for around $300.

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      Price is before tax and tip, and the group size will probably be 15-20. Also, we need accomodation for vegetarians.

    2. eat at jean gorges for lunch on a saturday.. can't get better then that..

      1. The original comment has been removed