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Nov 26, 2007 08:48 AM

V's Thai Restaurant & Bar - excellent Thai in Houston

V's Thai Restaurant & Bar
2575 S. Dairy Ashford

I remember reading around here that unpretentious Thai is nowhere to be found, but fortunately, we have another diamond in the rough. V's is a humble and uncrowded restaurant tucked away in the back corner of the Dairy Ashford/Westheimer shopping complex. V is the owner and chef, and this restaurant has the best Thai I've ever had in Houston. She's a great conversationalist and makes diners feel at home. There's a loyal patronage of regulars at one corner of the bar, and according to my friends, they've seen them *every* single time they've dined at V's.

My friends and I shared 3 dishes: pad thai with chicken, cashew with tofu, and green curry with beef. If the restaurant isn't too busy, V will even come out of the kitchen and ask what you think of the food: if it's too spicy, or not spicy enough.

V's pad thai did an amazing job balancing multiple flavors of sweet/spicy/sour, and didn't need any lime in addition. The Houston Press review mentions a cashew dish and it sounds pretty similar to the one we tried, and I agree that it wasn't anything special - but now I know to just stick to the curry...
My friends insisted on the green curry being THE dish to try here, and it was very apparent as everyone at my table kept reaching for more. Very rich sauce, packing a huge punch of spice and more intense flavors than anywhere else, and on top of that, you could crank up the heat even higher if you'd like.

Price is cheap too. Most dishes are in the $7-10 range, and out of what we ordered, the curry was the most expensive at $8.95. I'm looking forward to coming back home for Christmas break and eating at V's again!

There's nothing on B4-U-EAT or Citysearch, only a Houston Press review:

Ever since this review has come out, I'm pretty sure she's there more often than just those 3 days - I went with some friends this past saturday. Don't go on sundays since the kitchen will be closed.

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  1. V's has popped up on B4-U-Eat now... Houston 'hounds, you guys HAVE to try this place!

    I recently got to try the tilapia with the chili sauce, it's loaded full of spice and very delicious. You gotta ask for it since it's not on the menu.

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      So how does V's compare to say Jasmine Thai in Plano? I know you travel between both Dallas and Houston. I have been looking for good thai when I visit my brother in Houston....actually willing to drive anywhere there for great food. We had Nit Noi Thai Cafe on Richmond close to the Galleria in Houston and it pales in comparison to Jasmine Thai.

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        Hopefully someone didn't tell you Nit Noi was one of our best? If so stay away from them on matters of Southeast Asian food.

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          Ick... my mom used to go to that exact Galleria location all the time for lunch. I brought her to dinner at V's once and she fell in love. Now that her office has moved closer off Memorial, Nit Noi is nothing but a memory and she's become a welcome addition to V's regulars.

          Compared to Jasmine Thai? V's wins, the food is so much better. Ever since my friends brought me there, I try to save all of my Thai cravings until I take trips down to Houston, and I want to try everything on the restaurant's menu as well as whatever other special dishes she's got. I haven't found anything in DFW that comes close.

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            I need to give V's a try. It not really in my area of regular dining.
            Also, give Veung Thai on Longpoint a try. I think the massamam curry is the best in town. Salads are great so are many other things plus they have some pretty funky stuff on the menu like sar tor( I think thats the name) which I can barely eat but its cool they have it.

            1. re: jscarbor

              you mean vieng thai on longpoint right? the som tam and tom kha are amazing.

              i'd like to check out V's at some point to, but it's really a far drive for me.

              also, check out asia market which is a small thai grocery store with mom & pop cooking in the back. it's on cavalcade b/w airline and main. the pad kee mao is awesome.

    2. How about Gourmet Thai on Richmond? I just moved to Houston and have been looking for good Thai. I just tried it and thought it was pretty good, although much too salty for me.

      And, whoever posted that Nit Noy isn't it, sure is right. What a disappointment.

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        Salty? Just curious, what dish did you have?

        Anyway they occasionally have buffet nights on fridays now. I went a couple times over the holidays and it's nice since you can sample dishes that aren't on the menu. Just be warned, V turns the heat up to a whole new level for some of the items.