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christmas party in LA

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Can anyone suggest a good place for a group of 35-45 people for an office Christmas/holiday party? Desired location would be able to offer hand passed hors d'Ĺ“uvres first followed by a sitdown meal. A Private or seperate room would be optimal as well. We have already done: "Grace", "The Highlands", and "Red Pearl Kitchen" other years. Look forward to hearing some suggestions!

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  1. Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey would be a good option, but then again, I don't know your geographic preferences.

    1. I've thrown Christmas, sit-down dinners at Cinespace, which allows private parties until 10 p.m. or so, then you're all given VIP access to the club when it opens at 10ish. I've also thrown parties at the Canal Club in Venice, though the management there is extremely disorganized.

      Good luck!
      Clare K

      1. Chez Mimi in Santa Monica. Good food, private rooms, fires blazing. Very festive!

        1. Cafe Bizou on Ventura has a nice back room that you could rent out.

          Second the rec for Chez Mimi.

          Might call Lilly's French Cafe in Venice.

          Gardens at Glendon or Napa Valley Grille in Westwood might also be good to look into.

          1. How about Campanile? Someone just posted something that said they had a wonderful wedding reception at Campanile, so I am guessing they could handle your christmas party.

            1. I've got a great spot for you: Border Grill on 4th street! They've got the best Mexican food in town, great appetizers and a room upstairs from the main restaurant that I'm pretty sure would fit your group. Its a festive location and something a little out of the ordinary for a holiday party.

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                I really enjoy Border Grill but had a party there and it was SO LOUD that talking to each other was impossible. I know people have not had the kindest things to say about Bistro 45 in Pasadena but I held an office Xmas party there for five years straight (with about the same number of people as you are having) and the service, food, and pricing were all superb.

              2. Campanile is great. Also check out West at Hotel Angeleno, The Luxe Hotel on Sunset in their restaurant, Pane Vino on Beverly Blvd and the private patio area of Chaya Brasserie.