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Nov 26, 2007 08:23 AM

New menu at Couleur Cafe -- this place just gets better and better

There have never been too many posts here regarding Couleur Cafe, which has become our fallback restaurant for many reasons. It's well worth a visit -- while the original menu was somewhat disjointed, this place gets better and better all the time. The recent updates -- a whole flight of new mussel preparations and a much improved steak frites - are particularly worth a try.

I enjoyed the steak frites very much last evening, now served with a very good red wine and shallot sauce in place of the muddy, overly rich roquefort one. Of the new mussel preps, I have tried the new Moules Couleur cafe -- which had bacon, onions and cream. It was very tasty, but probably too rich for a return engagement. The version formerly designated Couleur Cafe is new Moules Potrero and more to my taste -- a white wine broth with tarragon and tomato that complements the shellfish extraordinarily well.

They now have nice live acoustic music on Sunday evenings and are about to start that on Wednesdays as well.

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  1. Adding a link, because I truly don't know where this place is:

    ETA: Did not work!! ARGH!! It's on De Haro, which I'm guessing means Potrero Hill.

    1. link:

      Couleur Cafe
      300 De Haro St, San Francisco, CA

      1. For a while I worked right around the corner, and I became enraptured with both their burger and the friendliness of their manager. I don't work nearby anymore, but the hamburger is still my gold standard--I hope they don't ever remove it from the menu.

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          Burgers and frites are both winners, and both still on the menu. Don't think they will ever go away.