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Nov 26, 2007 07:50 AM

QA Pasta & Co

While walking on QA Ave yesterday, I noticed a liquor license application at the old Pete's Pizza for Pasta & Co..???... Are they moving ?????????????

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  1. that's odd, i heard a bartell's is going it at pete's. also heard pasta & co was closing. maybe the bartell's is going to be a complex, and both will reside there.

    1. Yes, they are moving. They are going in to the corner spot in that new building. Bartell's will be next door. There is also a (non-local) bakery going in on street level.

      You can find info about that development and all the others on the Queen Anne Design Guidelines site or the Queen Anne Neighbors for Responsible Growth site. Both of these groups are working hard to keep Queen Anne's 'local' feel, but it is an uphill battle and they could use all of our support.

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      1. re: cburnsi

        Thanks for the info. It seems Queen Anne is changing daily.

        1. re: Seattle Rose

          Yes, I agree. Did you see the QA News yesterday? QFC has backed off of its lease of the top of the hill Met Market location. Now that option belongs to the developer who is doing the property that Bartell's and Pasta & Co is going in to. I wonder what his plans are....

          1. re: cburnsi

            I haven't read it yet! DOes it say anything about Met Market staying? That is my dream.

            1. re: cocktailhour

              It doesn't mention if he has plans for the space yet. I know at a recent neighborhood meeting he was greatly intrigued by the positve comments about the space around (Cafe) El Diablo and Queen Anne Books.