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Nov 26, 2007 07:44 AM

Bagels in San Diego

This may be a futile search, but can anyone point me to a good bagel in this town? By good I mean a bagel that is slightly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. A plain bagel that can be eaten w/out shmear and still taste great. I HATE most of the chain bagels (sorry Einstein's, Brueggers, ect). They are too big, have no crust and don't even taste all that great.

I have already deemed Big City Bagels in Hillcrest to be ok, but I am hoping there is a hole in the wall somewhere secretely selling bagels that will give me my bagel fix a few times a year.

Thanks for any input folks. :)

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  1. Top of the Bagel in Solana Beach is probably the best. Big City Bagels is my second pick.

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      1. re: Ewilensky

        I'm surprised about all the favorable reviews on Top of the Bagel. Is this still the case or did they change management? I was disappointed on last visit.

        1. The twist at the Hillcrest Einstein is very good.

          1. Busy Bee in La Jolla (La Jolla Blvd) is pretty good too.

            1. Lang's in the Campus Drive-In shopping center at 63rd + El Cajon.

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                Golden Bagel in Rancho Penasquitos are the best bagels I've had but you might not like them because there really big and super soft.

                1. re: mikec

                  Lang's is still around!? Been ages since I've been in the neighborhood.

                  Lang's was pretty good in the day.

                  Top of the Bagel is still the "best." But nothing like an East Coast bagel.

                  1. re: mikec

                    Are you sure that Lang's is still open? I tried to find it last night and couldn't. There is a sign for it on the list of stores in the mini-mall, but when I drove around it was no where to be seen.

                    1. re: LaurenZ

                      Lang's is closed - I think they are still doing catering, though.