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Good Restaurants in Windsor?

Any recommendations for good restaurants in Windsor, ON.

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  1. If you want good ol' Scottish food (not the hippest cuisine in the universe, I know), hit Kildare House on Wyandotte St. E.

    Top-of-the-line French: Le Steak at Fillmore East downtown. Their website is kaput, so call first (probably a good idea anyhow).

    Best Chinese is said to be Wah Court, but I haven't been there.

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      JImM, what do they serve at Kildare House? I had no idea there was a Scottish place there. I get all turned around on Wyandotte, but is it closer to the Tunnel than the Bridge?

      Wah Court does have good Chinese. It's very casual and don't expect to get all of your food at the same time. They have dim sum until 2:00 on the weekends and possibly longer during the week. They will let you order from the dim sum menu at any time though.

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        It's in the Walkerville neighborhood--so it is not between the tunnel and the bridge but east of both. Facing Detroit downtown it will be about two miles to your right (remember Canada is south of the U.S. here).

        They have fish and chips, Irish stew as I recall, good big English breakfasts, sandwiches, and stranger stuff like haggis and mushy peas--a large pub menu. Plenty of scotch as you might imagine, plus many beers on tap. Live music many nights.

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          Thanks! I just might have to take my Scottish mom there for lunch one day. I wonder if they have meat pies and sausage rolls. We used to buy Scottish food and bring it back across, but now they won't let you bring meat products since mad cow. Go figure!!

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            No usually to the meat pies and sausage rolls unless it's a special for the night. There's a fish and chip shop that just opened on Howard though that offers these and pasties.

    2. There is board devoted to Ontario, and you might get a good volume of reponses by posting this question there.

      1. Le Steak closed last month.
        The best modern food in Windsor is at Mamo Bistro, 5880 Wyandotte St. E. Casual, small, fresh and interesting. Not expensive. Chef used to cook at August in New Orleans.
        For authentic Italian, head to Erie Street where there are about 20 very good restaurants, especially La Contessa.

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          Mamo is now closed. They moved to former Bin 151 location and have opened Smoke n Spice.

        2. you MUST check out the restaurant at the Art Gallery

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            My fave for Chinese (and Dim Sum) these days is JADE in Windsor.

            There are a host of good restaurants along Windsor's Little Italy (Erie Street). One of my favorites being MEZZO.

            Downtown, it's CHATHAM STREET GRILL.

          2. I enjoy Chanoso's, Smoke n Spice and India Palace.

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              I'll have to give India Palace another chance. Is that the one on Ottawa or the one on Wyandotte? I've been to both and didn't like either, but I'd go back on a recommendation. My experiences with Chanoso's have been appalling. The service was hideous the three times I was there. The food is only okay at best. What really bugs me is that they offer seemingly funky items like Vietnamese Pho, but charge nearly double what you'd pay at an authentic Viet Pho joint a few blocks away. I've been to the Chatham Street Grill many times. The food and service are really inconsistent -- sometimes great, but sometimes a disaster. I'd have to declare my meal at the restaurant in the art gallery a bust, but maybe it was due to poor choices. I'd try it again. I have yet to try Mezzo or Kildare House, but I will make a point of doing so. For best Chinese, I'd have to say Jade for dim sum and Dynasty for everything else, though you have to ask to see ALL of their menus. They have a special menu that offers all dishes on it for $8.50. If you order two or more dishes, they come with a thermos of steamed rice and the house soup. These dishes are far more adventurous and interesting than anything on the regular menu, but the descriptions are a bit lacking. Most people order those cheap, enormous "by number" combos, which are awful. A better choice would some of the barbecue items hanging in the window, with steamed rice and an order of bok choy.