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Jun 3, 2006 12:48 AM

Citizen Cake - Bread 1/2 off after 6 pm

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I stopped in for my gelato fix tonight and learned the bread is 1/2 off after 6pm.

They don't have a bread slicer, but they will hand slice a loaf for you on request. I thought that was a really sweet offer, but didn't take them up on it.

So I bought a nice sourdough bread with and excellent chewy crust and a big challah with toasted sesame seeds on top for $2 each. The challah wasn't as dense as I like it, but the sesames seeds were very nice and I am happy with it ... especially at that price.

Those pate de fruit really are as good as everyone said. This is the first time I tried them. It is not a sweet I particularily like in general, but I was just blown away by the intense fruit flavor. The lychee was like eating a fresh lychee. THey gave me a free passionfruit pate and I liked that even better than the lychee. I am converted. I love these little fruit squares ... at least at Citizen Cake.

It was also the first time I tried Citizen Cake's chocolates. I love the mendiants. This is the first time I've seen this type of chocolate. They are very pretty and delicious.

It is a thin square of chocolate garnished with a nut and a piece or two of dried fruit or candied flower.

One was topped with two banana chips and salty peanuts. Another had an almond, sugared violet and cranberry. Both were delicious. Tne best was topped with a piece of hot red chile, Spanish almond and cocoa nibs.

Oh yeah, the strawberry gelato was excellent. Tried the rubarb sorbetto which was nice but I would have liked to to be a little more tart. The taste of the apricot sorbet was like eating pure frozen apricots. The only problem was that it isn't really the height of apricot season yet, so the apricots were still a little tart.

Here is some info about mendiants

I tried to find a picture on the web, but none were as pretty at the mendiants at Citizen Cake.


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  1. Thanks for the tip! Citizen Cake has excellent bread. Do they usually have much bread left after 6 pm?

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      I can't say about usually, since it was the first time I even noticed the bread at Citizen Cake.

      But they did have a nice choice on the day I was there. There were about six different types of loaves with two or three loaves of each type. I was there about 6:10.

      Funny, I was eating their bread for breakfast as I am reading this. That challah toasts up very nicely with those great sesame seeds on top. I am also getting really into their sourdough bread. I may even like it more than Acme. Definately superior to the best Boudin I've had ... Boudin special bakes for some restaurants so some of it is better than others.

      The Citizen Cake sourdough has a deep tang and lovely chewy crust.