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Nov 26, 2007 07:15 AM

Bagels in the 714?

Soon I'll have to title that "Bagels in the 714/657?"...

I like Bagel Me, because they're at least not just round bread with a hole in the centre, but they concentrate on odd flavours (cheese, cheese with jalapeno, crusted with weird sugary syrup, "very berry", etc.) and what I like are the classics -- poppy seed, garlic, onion, sesame seed, plain. About as weird as I get is cinnamon raisin.

Also, driving to Villa Park is a bit of a pain (the nearest ones to me are in Villa Park and on Chapman next to Taco Mesa), but I'm looking for the best bagels within, say, a 20-minute drive on a weekend morning of Disneyland. Which, I suppose, lets in part of the northern reaches of the 949, much of the 562, and the very eastern end of the 626.

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  1. JT's at Springdale and Edinger, in the Von's complex is about 20 minutes from Disneyland. They're the best I've found locally in 20+ years in the 714. There's also a place at Bolsa Chica and Heil, in the Albertson's center, Fifth Avenue Bagel, that are very good. They're a smaller operation and tend to sell out earlier than JT's. Both of these are in Huntington Beach.

    1. Have u tried Katella Deli?
      Yes, technically it's in the 562, but not far from Anehiem.
      Believe me, I'm from Chicago. These are the best in Long Beach, OC period.
      I always get a dozen sesame, and poppy. Slap 'em in the freezer, and they are as fresh as when u bought them.
      Do it:

      Katella Deli Restaurant 562-594-8611
      4470 Katella Ave.
      Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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      1. re: flashb

        IMHO, JT's and 5th Avenue are better than Katella's -- but Katella's will do in a pinch. I find Katella's to be too heavy.

        1. re: CynD

          From the wikpedia:
          A bagel (Yiddish: בייגל) is a bread product traditionally made of yeasted wheat dough in the form of a roughly hand-sized ring which is first boiled in water and then baked. The result is a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked onto the outer crust with the nything else is nomost traditional being poppy or sesame seeds. Some have salt sprinkled on the bagel.

          Keywords are Dense/Chewy/Doughy.

          If Katella's are too heavy, they must be the real deal!
          To each his/her own, I guess.

      2. I'm no bagel expert, but if you're near the John Wayne airport, Shirley's Bagels is pretty good.

        Shirley's Bagel Etc
        3601 Jamboree Rd # 19, Newport Beach, CA