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Nov 26, 2007 07:11 AM

Unusual latke recipes?

I am helping a friend with a latke party. Right now on the menu are: regular, sweet potato, celeriac & scallion, and beet & rosemary (from the beet roesti recipe in How to Cook Everything). Also perhaps the carrot & parsnip latkes from Jewish Cooking in America. I was thinking it might be nice to either serve the carrot & parsnip ones with a spicy sauce or to add some spiciness (curry?) to the mix. Any thoughts on how to do either of these?

Also any fun & different latke recipes are very much welcome.


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  1. I have made vegetable pancakes, which are really latkes, with grated zuchinni, onion, chopped portobello mushrooms, chopped red pepper bound with an egg and a little matzo meal, s&p. You can make them in advance, freeze in individual layers and reheat in one layer on cookie sheet. Wring any water from zuchinni really well, so the batter won't be watery.

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      I've made the zucchini pancakes a lot and love them as much as the potato ones. For something different try using cauliflower cut in small florets and fried crispy brown with egg and matzo meal.

    2. Wonder if you could make some out of yucca or plantains... It would be a little fusiony, but potentially fantastic.

      1. I haven't made these enough to know much about proportions yet, but I recently made some chili-garlic sweet potato latkes, where I mixed in chili-garlic sauce (not Sri Racha, but the stuff in the jar with the green lid?) and some scallions - they were excellent!

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          IIRC, Juan Carlos Cruz has a recipe for zuchinni latkes on the Food Network website.

        2. There's a curried sweet potato latke recipe on epicurious that always wins rave reviews around here --and complaints, in years when I'm too lazy and they're missing!! I personally like my latkes crispy fresh and unadorned by sauce (except maybe a little applesauce once in a while), so prefer to put the flavoring right in the mix.

          1. Cauliflower Latkes (cauliflower, onion, seasoned bread crumbs, egg, parsley, little parm on top if you want to bake/broil instead of or after frying)

            Or, another cauliflower latke take

            Butternut Squash (squash + onions + sage + egg + crushed ritz (i know but it's the buttery-ness...


            Apple Rice Latkes

            Apple Sweet Latkes (apples, calvados or rum, flour, egg, cinnamon, milk


            Spinach Potato (spinach, potato, zucchini, eggs, cumin, coriander, onion, flour, white pepper)

            Don't know if you've got ingredients for the sweet potato yet, but I suggest