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Xmas Gifts

phillyjules Nov 26, 2007 06:47 AM

In Philly, I plan on getting a bunch of food and kitchen gifts for my family. Besides Dibruno Brothers, Williams Sonoma, Fosters home ware, and Reading Terminal - are there some other stores that you would recommend?


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    Philly Ray RE: phillyjules Nov 26, 2007 07:26 AM

    There's always Bed Bath and Beyond.

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      bumble RE: phillyjules Nov 26, 2007 08:03 AM

      Fante's on 9th & Christian
      Kitchenette on Walnut & 11? (underneath Black Tie formal wear, next to Ten thousand Villages)

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        Bigley9 RE: phillyjules Nov 26, 2007 10:02 AM

        Hope you know Fosters has combined it's 2 stores and is now at 399 Market St. Claudio's in the Italian Market (9th st between Washington and Christian) directly imports many italian specialties, Fantes is a few doors down (as is the original DiBrunos). On Pine street around 11th is a store called Linu that is mostly linen products - tableware and towels are great - and also some tabletop that you don't see everywhere.

        1. rabidog RE: phillyjules Nov 27, 2007 03:18 PM

          quince, an upscale neighborhood food market in northern liberties (near 2nd on girard, blue awning) does cute gourmet gift baskets... pre-made or made to order, i think. i saw them around the holidays last year. i haven't been in yet this holiday season.

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            Major504 RE: rabidog Nov 28, 2007 08:05 AM

            Skip Williams-Sonoma....overpriced. Try Fante's and Fosters. The people in there know what they're talking about, too.

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              rabidog RE: Major504 Nov 30, 2007 04:13 PM

              i was recently in the williams-sonoma because i had a pottery barn gift card, and you can use them there. i made the best purchase of my entire (kitchen's) life - a le cruset enameled cast iron skillet. for $100. ouch! (but an ouch that's worth the pain - everything that touches it comes out delicious)

              is there anywhere in the city to get these things cheaper, same brand? i want to splurge on other pieces in the collection for myself and get a few of the skillets as xmas gifts for my cooking friends.

              1. re: rabidog
                mschow RE: rabidog Nov 30, 2007 06:30 PM

                I see these at Home Goods (Marshalls) from time to time. Even at HG, le cruset is still expensive. I saw several le cruset cast iron pans at HG in Moorestown over the past weekend. Great stop for pots and pans. A friend has put together an entire set of All-Clad pots and pans from HomeGoods over the last year. I would say the price at Home Goods is about a third of what the retail cost would be in WS or Kitchen Capers, or similar stores. Problem is, you never know what they have, it is always hit or miss.
                Love HomeGoods for any sort of houseware. I have gotten some incredible buys there. There is not one in the city. There is one in Marlton, another in Moorestown, one in Delran, Franklin Mills, and Blue Bell, that i have visited. Quite honestly, the store in Moorestown and the one in Marlton has the best kitchen dept of the stores I have been to. They are worth the visit, absolutely, especially if you love to cook Great rugs, btw.

                1. re: mschow
                  percyn RE: mschow Dec 1, 2007 07:06 AM

                  There was a sale at Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago when I picked up a few Le Cruset pots. These were cheaper than the Le Cruset outlet store in Limreck (Philadelphia Outlet Mall?).

                  You can also browse eBay to see if you come across some neat items. Over the years I have bought Japanese Knives, Mandolines (for 1/2 the price), infra red thermometers and some immersion bath water circulators as well.

                2. re: rabidog
                  joluvscards RE: rabidog Dec 1, 2007 08:14 AM

                  there is a great kitchen supply store at 5th and Bainbridge. They carry Le Cruset and All Clad. They have lots of nice gift items too.

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              marianne215 RE: phillyjules Nov 29, 2007 08:19 PM

              Also try Kitchen Kapers at 213 S 17th Street in Rittenhouse Square. A few doors down is an adorable card store with neat paper and stationary. And yes, the new Foster's at 4th & Market rocks.

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                NCetr RE: marianne215 Nov 30, 2007 03:17 PM

                I would give a hearty second to Kitchen Kapers. A few weeks ago when I was in town for business, I bought my sister in law her Xmas gift there, and they wrapped it and shipped it for a very reasonable price. They've got a great selection of small gadgets and unusual items there. I filled my husband's stocking with fun, small things last year. A great place to shop and convenient if you're staying in Center City.

              2. spinach RE: phillyjules Nov 30, 2007 06:47 PM

                not sure if any are tea drinkers, if they are...the house of tea ltd might be a good place to check out. located at 720 4th street, they have a wide selection to choose from.

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