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Nov 26, 2007 06:47 AM

Interesting food stops near Sripraphai? Take-out chicken? Anything else?

Planning on going to Sripraphai for dinner this week and will probably arrive some time before my friends. How can I best make use of the waiting time before dinner? Any interesting food shops within a few blocks walk? Maybe some great roast chicken to take home with me?
(Do not want to waste any time that can be put toward food....)


I have done a search for Sripraphai best dishes, but if anyone wants to add anything, please do! We will be 9 people so can have a party with the menu..

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  1. If you're willing to go more than a few blocks than the glories of Roosevelt Av st food await you. Do a search for the map of east Jackson Heights.

    1. Well, there's a roast chicken place at Roosevelt & 69th St., but I wouldn't call it "great." Also at that corner is a big Filipino bakery/restaurant, Krystal's and nearby in the evenings is a decent taco truck, a block back down Roosevelt is an Uruguyan bakery that often has some interesting stuff and is run by nice folks. On the same block as Sri there are 2 small Thai groceries. Otherwise, the suggestion above is great. Down by the Roosevelt and 74th St. station begins an amazingly diverse fantasy of foodstuffs.

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        1 block further from Krystals is Phil Am, a small but amazing filipino market.

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          their longanisa is wonderful, and they've got great snackies and things (a corn nut alternative that is awesome).

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            I concur about the longanisa at Phil-Am. Really good. They also offer balut if you're interested in that sort of thing.

            I also like Krystal's leche flan -- a bit too sweet for my taste, but very custardy and eggy.

        2. re: Woodside Al

          I will be eating at Sripraphai..I should have made this more am interested in shopping for food to bring home and eat the next day.I will try to get there early so I can walk east to 74th Street...I guess reading about Pio Pio on this board earlier today made me wonder where there is great chicken to take out around there...(??)

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            I was walking by Merit Kebab Palace (37-67 74th St) this afternoon and noticed in the window an amazing whole chicken and also 1/2 & 1/4 chickens. I just looked at the take out menu and believe it's Whole Chicken (chargha) which is marinated in garlic, ginger, fresh lemon juice, herbs & spices.

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              Pio Pio is really far, there are lesser rotiserie chicken places closer by, most of them of the Mario variety. Han ah Reum is about 4 or so blocks from Srip. If you're walking along roosevelt towards the city, the numbers will go down, as you approach the intersection of Roosevelt and Woodside, you'll see Han ah reum on the left accross a little plaza. Bear right on woodside after the intersection and you'll find Rico Pan which has great cheap Empenadas and Peking BBQ which is chinese/peruvian rotiserie chicken, and a 24 hour korean-run mexican market.

          2. if you like Korean food, you must stop by Han Ah Reum Mart in Woodside - it's on Woodside ave across the street from Duane Reade. They have wonderful homemade panchan and awesome homemade tofu - everything made on premises and unique to the Woodside location only.

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            1. re: welle

              sripriphai also has a bunch of take-out items, like desserts and such. i'm yet to try anything b/c whatever is left always looks too sugary and such, but i hear there are some good ones.

              i second the han ah reum recommendation. in addition to the banchan, i'd stock up on things like: miso paste, soy sauce/oyster sauce/etc, nori/seaweed, and korean snacks/chips (always lighter than american ones). i love shrimp cracker chips.

              in addition, at the front counter, there are korean sweets/pastries from an outside bakery. i like their smooth, sticky rice moon-shaped pastries with the egg custard or red bean in the middle. i also like this flat, white sticky rice block which is filled with raisins and other sweet things. the only problem is that you should eat these fairly quickly. they don't fare very well after a day or so.

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                Yes I want to buy some of the tofu that Big Dog Jim talked about recently. How far is this market from Sripraphai? Many thanks for all the help and the orientation tips..I am a little lost here..

                1. re: erica

                  It's only a block and half away from the 61st street 7train station - just walk 1 block west under the subway tracks (towards Manhattan, i.e. in opposite direction from Sri direction). Once you passed Duane Reade, You'll see HAR across a little triangle island - right next to the Chase bank.
                  You can re-track your way back or to Sripraphai by followin the subway tracks.

                  1. re: erica

                    Just want to report that I did visit the Korean store. The man was making two versions of the tofu when I was there. Both were being scooped up by another customer who was kind enough to let me have the last container of the soft tofu...still hot in the container. I now have this at home in my frig..could not eat it last night as we had dinner at Sripraphai. (excellent). I also bought a small package of fresh pomegranate seeds for $1. Now the question is: What do I do with the tofu I bought?

                    The people at the Han Ah Reum market are very friendly and I wish I had had more time to explore the aisles stocked with interesting foods. I will be back!!