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Nov 26, 2007 06:19 AM

KC: first time visit, recs?

Hello MW CHs!

For a weekend visit to KC (staying downtown in the Union Hill area), what are some not-to-miss CH gems? Beer (microbrew), beef (tho some consideration for the vegetarian would be nice), and breakfast are my main concerns.

Details: will have a car, money is no object per se but nothing fancier than khakis, seeing the city desired, one fish-eating vegetarian, two beerlovers, one birthday.

In Boston we have plenty of: seafood, Italian, Indian, Chinese, more regional fare or specific ethnic would be great.

Also, any special place to stock up on tailgating supplies? And can you buy beer on Sundays before 12?

Thank you!

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  1. I would suggest JP's Wine bar for small plates, wine & micro brews, they are downtown (1526 Walnut). For small/family run/not a chain Italian I would suggest Vivace in the River Quay area (529 Walnut). For regional food it's BBQ and there are so many opinions about favorites I'm not going to even try, but the Gates, Bryants & Smokestack always seem to be in the running. Here's 2 websites that will help you with menus:
    The easiest areas for you will be downtown & the Plaza (great Christmas atomosphere right now). Kansas City is a relatively easy city to get around in, so enjoy & we are a friendly bunch so don't be afraid to ask us if you're lost or need more advice :)

    1. In Kansas City, MO you can always buy beer...gotta love that. Tailgaiting supplies? You'll be close to a Costco, if anyone has a membership. BBQ at Jackstack is nearby and in a neat locale. Beef with consideration for a vegetarian??? There are lots of steahouses around - on the Plaza there's Plaza 3. Blue Bird Bistro is a neat little restaurant too, especially for a vegetarian - dinner, lunch or breakfast - organic, local, etc.

      1. Kansas City is known world wide for BBQ so that is a must!! Talk to 5 people in town and you will most likely get 5 different answers on who has the best. Some of the better ones in the downtown area are Jack Stack, Gates and Sons and Arther Bryants.

        Kansas City is also know for steaks, some of the better local steak houses are Hereford House, Plaza III, and Benton's Steak and Chop House.

        For the beer lovers, you must try Kansas City own Boulevard Brewing Company, you will find it on tap at many KC restaurants and in bottles where ever beer is sold. The Pale Ale and the Wheat are very good. Also in downtown in the river market area is The River Market Brewery Co. and Grill puts out a pretty good beer.

        For the vegetarian there are some good options near by. Jerusalem Cafe and Bakery in Westport, Bluebird Bistro at 17th and Summit, Eden Alley on the Country Club Plaza and Blue Nile Cafe(Ethiopian food) they have lots of vegan options they are in the city market area on 5th street.

        Some good breakfest choices would be in the city market on Saturday morning, you can see the market area and have a good breakfest. Cascone's Grill, The Diner, and Succotash.Just want coffee and bake goods the City Market Coffeehouse is good.

        Couple of really good places to eat and to celebrate a birthday are Michael Smith's and 1924 Main, they are both worth the visit,and they are both really close to where you are staying.

        Good place to stock up on your tailgate supplies would be in Westport at The Sunfresh grocery store, they will have all your beer, snacks and food you will need.

        1. Boulevard recently released their Smokestack series. Not sure how many beers it includes, but I did try the Double Wide DIPA. Very nice. Try to find it. Much better than the regular Bully offerings, which are good, but nothing outstanding.
          I would drive to Kansas City just to have burnt ends at LC's. Burnt Ends are unique to KC, and LC's are, IMO, the very best. No Contest. 2 Miles off 435 on Blue Parkway,
          Absolute dive. The kind of place you know is gonna kick ass. On the basis of several recs, notably KCJANES, I now always stop at the Peanut for a Triple Bacon sandwich.
          The one on, I think, 9th downtown. Cool place, good food.