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Nov 26, 2007 05:41 AM

Light Meals in Lancaster

In Lancaster last weekend we were directed by locals to two downtown places where we had satisfying meals - for breakfast, Wish You Were Here, which does a good job of cooking slightly offbeat very good breakfast food (cant speak for their other meals), swedish pancakes (made with oatmeal), similar waffles, omelets and eggs (served with homemade type bread) were all very good. Not cheap and not quick but bright, cheerful and tasty, good.
Located on Orange Street just off the SW corner with Prince. Both dining rooms were full and there was a solid line waiting when we left.

For a light afternoon meal, we were directed to a tea shop on Mulberry Street about 5 blocks north of Chestnut called Pemberly Tea Shop, I think. It is a pretty, comfortable room that sells teas, scones and desserts as well as a limited selection of warm/savory foods. It was a cold day so we had a pot of Russian Caravan (very good) and their soups (on that day, carrot-ginger and chicken-sausage-veg), a serving of asparagus frittata, which was more like a very thick, rich quiche and a chicken salad sandwich . Again homestyle bread was used and all the food was delicious. They are limited to reheating in the store, (dont seem to have a kitchen there) but within that limitation you can eat very well - the lady is a good cook!

Both places had an ex-hippy or similar non-pro flavor, but were really quite excellent for what they did. And Lancaster is a great town for a visit with lots of historic neighborhoods to walk through- the Central Market is a good stop - in addition to local baked goods, meats etc, there is a vendor of African products and a Thai (I think) lady with a few offerings. We also saw a pho place on the north side of town, while coming in on Rte. 222 but did not stop to investigate.

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  1. I'm glad I found your post. I'm going to be in Strasburg this weekend (Day Out with Thomas), and am looking for some "adult" things to do as well. Does anyone have other recommendations for child-friendly places? I'll be alone with two kids, 7 & 2. Thanks.

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      What is Day out with Thomas? I'd like to find some things to do with my two nieces, 4 and 7, as well. The shopping thing will not work with them, so something not too boring might be fun. One suggestion might be the Central Market in downtown Lancaster. It's a real farmers market, with lots to see.

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        Thomas the Tank Engine is a very popular character (originally British) now licensed for numerous toy trains, books, CD's, clothing and other items. The "actual" Thomas train is coming to Strasburg this weekend. It's quite a sight to see the kids' faces when it pull into the station. Thanks everyone for the recs!

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        You'll be right near an Isaac's Deli in Strasburg -- good sandwich deli, there's a handful of them in the Lancaster area. I love their sandwiches on the pretzel rolls, and they usually have some good soups, too. Very kid-friendly, too, but may be crowded because of the event.

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          I also like Isaac's, and there are plenty of them around Lancaster. But (and this MAY be heresy in Lanc Co), I don't think they are *all that and a bag of chips*, as many Lancastrians feel. I think it's just okay, and a safe bet with the kids.
          In my experiences here, there are very few places that aren't kid-friendly --must be because of all the Amish and Mennonite familys with kids numbering in the double digits! We only have 3 kids, so it's kind of small for around these parts, but still...
          Any of the family restaurants (a favorite of mine is Oregon Dairy) are reliably good. Right around the corner from OD is Hands On House -- a kids museum that is a lot of fun. And Market is always a hoot.

        2. The Chocolate Cafe in Lititz is a great place for a light meal. Small, local polace, friendly service. Yummy "small dishes" menu full of lots of organic food. Of course, great hot chocolate and other yummies. Plus, Lititz is another cute town to explore not too far from Strasburg. I'm sure the kids would love the Wilbur chocolate factory right in town.