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Nov 26, 2007 05:38 AM

any use for terrible wine?

we have two bottles of unpalatable wine brought by well-meaning thanksgiving guests: a rose, and a gewurtztraminer, both sweet and slightly fizzy. is there any way to use them? i haven't the heart to inflict them on anyone else.

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  1. I'm sure they'd be fine in fruit-juice cocktails --

    1. You might make ice cubes out of them and freeze them till you have a cooking use for them.

      Or, in the summer time I have a quick dessert recipe that I like to make where I get an angel food cake drunk (eg, lightly soak the cake in sweet white wine and then tear into chunks), and put it in a trifle dish layered with good quality whipping cream and cut fruit of your preference.

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        ooh, i like this one. whip cream and cake would probably save it, as both bottles are from a small regional winery that probably makes a clean product... it just isn't any good as wine.

      2. I learned the hard way....if it's not something you'd want to drink, then it's probably not something you'd want cooked in anything. However, I DO like the idea of mixing it with fruit juices. They might hide what's unpleasant about the wines.


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          My dad mixes Carlo Rossi from a jug with cranberry juice, and drinks it every night. The open jug sits out at room temperature for weeks. To each his own.

        2. I once bought a six pack of imported beer that tasted like it was created by pouring boiling water through a bale of hay. I couldn't drink it. I tried it in a couple of recipes and the terrible taste came through. Finally the remainder went down the drain. Some things just can't be salvaged.

          1. I also had to learn the hard way, me, the person who never wastes anything. Would give it away (if I could first) or dump it and say a prayer.