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Mr K's, NYC

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worth a visit? menu and photos look awesome. is it a ripoff?

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  1. Had a very good review in local magazine last week

    1. I've only been to an event held there - the food was quite good, but not mindblowing. Same for the place in DC, and it is pricey.

      1. I went to a Christmas party there and was not impressed. Food was served room temperature or cold. Flavors were good, but service was sloppy.

        1. the entrees were a little too salty for me. a bit pricey for the overal quality of the food. but not bad.

          1. I have eaten there a few times on business and recently picked it up to go. I think it's very overrated. The food is not worth the high prices. It's good but that's about it. Go to Shun Lee for much better Chinese and cheaper.

            1. The food is head and shoulders above the average NY Chinese restaurant (though that isn't really saying much). I have eaten there twice in the past five years, both times for business, and enjoyed what I ate. The service is formal, the dining room is posh, and the scene is very corporate... that said, they do serve some creative, polished food.

              1. Yes it was a total rip-off when I had a corporate lunch at Mr. K's with my clients. There were about 15 of us in a private dining area. We all opted to order the $25 prix fixe lunch because of company budget.They asked if we wanted wine and again, this is frowned upon at my client's

                Here's the rip-off: I ordered a small Pellegrino and a woman sitting next to me wanted one too. so we ordered the bigger bottle at $7.00.or $8. Unbeknownst to us, when the check came there was an approximate charge of $78 for several bottles of Pellegrino. Nobody else in our group ordered the water but the restaurant took it upon themselves to bring water to each person. People in the group must have assumed it was part of the lunch.

                The food was okay and presented well but the rip-off was outrageous.