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Nov 26, 2007 04:47 AM

Mr K's, NYC

worth a visit? menu and photos look awesome. is it a ripoff?

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  1. Had a very good review in local magazine last week

    1. I've only been to an event held there - the food was quite good, but not mindblowing. Same for the place in DC, and it is pricey.

      1. I went to a Christmas party there and was not impressed. Food was served room temperature or cold. Flavors were good, but service was sloppy.

        1. the entrees were a little too salty for me. a bit pricey for the overal quality of the food. but not bad.

          1. I have eaten there a few times on business and recently picked it up to go. I think it's very overrated. The food is not worth the high prices. It's good but that's about it. Go to Shun Lee for much better Chinese and cheaper.