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Nov 26, 2007 01:46 AM

Downtown Dallas - conference dinner for 12

Hi all,

I'm organizing a dinner for twelve people, in the context of an academic conference in a few months.

It has to be reasonably near the Adam's Mark hotel in downtown Dallas, and nice enough for the senior professors but inexpensive enough for the graduate students. I thought it should also reflect the local specialties, since everyone will be traveling from the US and Europe.

After checking the archives, I have four possibilities, all within a mile of the hotel. Can anyone rate these, or others I've missed?

El Fenix, 1601 McKinney Ave.
Monica's Aca Y Alla, 2914 Main St.
Baker's Ribs, 2724 Commerce St.
Sammy's BBQ, 2126 Leonard St.

Many thanks!

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  1. I think you'll get more options if you expand your area of focus to more than a mile around the Adam's Mark, since that price requirement you mention is a toughie for any place "nice enough".

    Sammy's: last time I was there, is only open for lunch,
    Baker's is a BBQ hall--ain't nothing nice 'bout the decor
    El Fenix - much better choices for Mex-type food nearby
    Monica's - decent and not a bad choice for a group

    I'm ditching the BBQ notion, as I think Dallas 'Q pretty much stinks. Out-of-towners might thinks differently.

    La Calle Doce and Matt's Rancho Martinez around Lakewood; Mattito's, Taco Diner (nicer decor) and S&D Oyster House in Uptown; Mia's (on Lemmon Ave.) or Manny's.

    Venturing out a little more, Dunston's on Harry Hines features the "king" of Dallas food -- grilled beef steaks -- at prices that won't break too many banks. It's not a great steak, but it is not a bad value.

    hope these help you

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    1. re: guttural

      Thanks -- this is great information!
      Much appreciated.

    2. I would second Mattito's. It has a private dining area that could accommodate your group. Also, the food is notches above the typical Tex-Mex.