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Nov 25, 2007 11:23 PM

cheap & easy bbq/picnic

we're having people over several weekends in a row. i don't mean to be a grinch - but it gets expensive and time consuming. any ideas for fairly cheap and really easy bbq / picnics?

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  1. Cabbage is very inexpensive....make a huge batch of cole slaw...either Asian or American up some chicken leg quarters (usually on sale or pretty inexpensive anyway)...marinate and grill. Lest we not forget the pork shoulder with which you can do a pulled pork in the oven or crockpot. I know many others will have better ideas.

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    1. re: Val

      hit the nail on the head, Val. A braised pork shoulder should feed 8-12 people.

      Here's what we used to do in our student days: Soups or braised meat dinners. Pea soup (w or w/o ham hock or kielbasa)or Bean soup with cornbread and veggie slaw.
      Chowdah. Lamb shoulder braise over polenta, Rotisserie Chicken soup, or the old 70's standby, cheese fondue dipped with great bread. Spaghetti feed. Submarine sandwiches made on long Italian loaves. Grilled kabobs with mostly veggies.
      Another trick: put diced potatoes in everything you can, it stretches the dish and fills up the ones with "hollow legs".

      1. re: toodie jane

        following the similar path here. I agree completely that pulled pork is the easiest and cheapest way to feed the masses. You can also do beef chuck in a very similar manner. Smoked it turns out great, is very easy and feeds a lot of people.

        Plus, if you are having different people over multiple weekends, pulled pork/beef freezes wonderfully, so you just have to make it once, freeze next week's portion and then slowly reheat it and it's just as good a week later.

        If you are grilling, do a bunch of leg quarters or half chickens (my favorites).