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Nov 25, 2007 09:58 PM

Where to buy gelatin leaves?

Before I comb the City, has anyone seen them in stock somewhere?

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  1. the italian market in chelsea market

    1. NY Cake and Bake on 22nd off 6th Ave

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      1. re: peachtart

        NY Cake and Baking supply definitely has gelatin leaves; I just got some there last weekend, and, being that it is a baking supply store, they almost always have them in stock.

      2. Fairway for sure (bought some about a month ago)

        Otherwise, there are actually more possibilities than you might think:

        possibly/probably DiPalo's and Faicco's pork store (they have a wall of canned/packaged stuff apart from the meats/cheeses)
        decent chance Whole Foods has it
        Zabar's - they've had it before, stuff like that can be variable there

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        1. re: MikeG

          Red Hook Fairway didn't have :( Did you buy them on the UWS? I actually ended up using the powdered form from Fairway, so no worries!

          1. re: julietg

            Yeah, it was the one on 74th St. I know there's "supposed to be" some difference between the two apart from form but it's nothing I've ever noticed, it's just easier than converting if a recipe calls for sheets. It also works out to be a lot more expensive than the granulated anyway...