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Authentic Sushi

I am searching for a sushi place, preferably hole-in-the-wall, that serves authentic sushi - no rolls, no crazy sauces, or deep-fried fish, mayo etc.... Just fresh nigiri and sashimi.
Oh, is run by Japanese people (not Korean, Chinese, Malaysian..)
Can anyone kindly share?

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  1. Sushisay on East 51st St. All Japan trained chefs. This is where the Japanese business men go. Some of the best sushi in NYC.

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    1. re: chefstu

      Is it still there? I thought it has closed ....

      1. re: MMRuth

        Not in the new Zagat so likely has closed.

        Sushiden on east 49th might be what you are looking for..

      2. re: chefstu

        it closed but was replaced by the similar Sushi Ann.

        everyone recommends Sushi Yasuda.

      3. Inase on 1586 1st Ave between 82nd and 83rd. Every time I've been there the diners have been almost exclusively japanese. As is the sushi chef/owner and all the staff.

        1. Sushi Yasuda!
          Kuruma Zushi - terrible decor, AMAZING fish. Bring extra $$$

          1. No question in my mind - Sushi Yasuda. Top quality and very friendly sushi chefs interested in explaining their different types of fish.

            1. yasuda's far from being a hole-in-the-wall. i think the OP was looking for a cheaper place so i'd say inase, shimizu, and ushi wakamaru qualify. all excellent traditional nigiri/sashimi places where you can sit athe bar and the chef prepares piece by piece. omakase will run you about $60-$80 just for the food.

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                I agree wholeheartedly with Shimizu and Ushi. My top choice would be Ushi Wakamaru, which just reopened yesterday from its renovations! Yasuda is my favorite place ever but that doesn't strike me as a "go there whenever the mood strikes me" type of place. And Kuruma, while "authentic" is just insanely priced. Like beyond special occasion.

              2. Lunch at Yasuda's is a great value.