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TASTE Restaurant

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I was wondering if anyone has tried the TASTE Restaurant (1300 1st Ave) or ever had them cater an event? If so, would you recommend this as food for a catered event? (I am trying to decided weather the food would be good for a wedding, but I will not be in Seattle for a while to try it out for myself). Has anyone ever tried the salt-encrusted salmon or the kalamata stuffed beef tenderloin? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. tried it.. though it was a while ago and i can't remember what i had. the food was ok, we were not impressed. my mum thought their food generally was quite salty.

    1. I had a couple of very good experiences there when they first opened (the organic baseball steak was fantastic) but they don't seem to have lived up to their initial promise. Too bad.

      1. Taste is managed by one of the gigantic food management companies so you shouldn't expect anything special from them.

        Two great local caterers to check out are:
        Lisa Dupar Catering at http://lisaduparcatering.com
        and Russell dean Lowell Catering at http://www.lowell-hunt.com/catering

        1. I only went once, when they were pretty new, but I was not impressed. The pizza tasted like a frozen pie outta the box. Nothing else really made much of an impression. Except the dessert. The deconstructed buckle was pretty damn good.

          1. I have been to Taste on several occasions and always had a very nice time. Fresh ingredients minimally processed. And the cocktails are always well prepared.

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              I've only been to Taste for cocktails and bar food and I have to say the cocktails were some of the worst I've had in Seattle. Every one I tasted was too sweet and totally unbalanced. The food was very good but the hospital dining room decor and lighting, along with the horrid cocktails, keep me from returning.

            2. Thank you everyone for replying to the post, I really appreciate the input. I went to the restaurant over the holidays. I thought the butternut and chevre tartlet (with an excellent braised green side), the barley risotto (with chanterelles) and the black olive polenta (with roasted fennel and squash) were the three best dishes that I tried on the winter menu. All are well prepared and full of flavor. I would go back to have these dishes again. The roasted guinea was very good and cooked well, but I did not care for the potato-chive gratin that accompanied it. I also really enjoyed the pike ale and bay brined pork. Both the cioppino and the albacore were a miss which tasted a bit bland. The braised rabbit was probably the worst dish I tried. Our waiter recommended some excellent local wines, but I'm afraid I cannot remember them. I decided to go with TASTE as the caterer because I thought the food was well presented and while some of the items were a miss, some were really excellent. Thank you all for your time and comments!

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                Be sure to let us know how they do catering your wedding.