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Nov 25, 2007 06:43 PM


Thinking il brigante but would like to know some similar styles in other areas
i got family arriving friday, they on a tight budget so will probably not enjoy a expensive place but i want to take them somewhere special for birthday dinner and maybe comedy or jazz club after.
Open to any thoughts? is 50 a head unrealistic for a memorable experience? got about ten people aswell!!!

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  1. I actually just booked my birthday dinner at puttanesca which is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. 16 hungry new york italians....I think you'd enjoy as well.

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      cheers sounds and looks good, will let you know how well it worked out if we end up there

    2. I'm sure I'll get nailed to the wall for suggesting it, but I think Carmine's in Times Square would be great for a reasonably priced celebratory Italian dinner with out-of-towners. It's a fun, festive atmosphere and I actually like the family-style food (esp. the fried calamari). There are definitely comedy and jazz clubs in the area.

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        I totally agree for out of towners as a group-Carmines is great!!!!!!!!! I am a true foodie and will never refuse a trip there-its loud, fun and a good deal-the waitstaff always so nice and polite. They can take my money anyday-it really says a lot when u have workers yhere over ten years plus!! No one make a better Chicken Scarpaeriello (sp?) than them.

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          I hate to be boring but ... Crispo!
          I can't help it!

      2. I join with the Carmine's fans. I was at the UWS Carmine's Saturday night for a family birthday celebration. We had 7 people and ordered the fried calamari for an appetizer, plus the big Carmine's salad. For entres, the porterhouse contadina and the rigatoni with sausage and broccoli. Also, the portabello parmigiana. The wine was their large 1.5 litre bottle of valpolicella which was very good. Of course, for dessert we had the Titanic which is their large bomb of vanilla ice cream over a large fudge brownie covered with whipped cream. The food was great as was the wait service. We couldn't even finish all of it and took home quite a bit which always tastes so great the next day or the day after. A great restaurant value that won't break the bank if you are entertaining a group or are part of one. It is always consistently good and you are never disappointed. I highly recommend it. I also love the chicken scarpariello there, but got outvoted on ordering it because it would have been too much food.