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Nov 25, 2007 06:14 PM

old italian recipe--eggs and sauce

does anyone know how to make this old neapolitan recipe? my grandmother made it but i can't recreate it. there were hard yolks in it and a red sauce but not gravy--i think she used a can of tomatoes. thanks!

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  1. um, not from Batali. On the "Paupered Chef" website, I think they use Batali's recipe.

      1. And here is a version from The Sopranos Cookbook, which I have made. Simple and good.

        1. We always thought my husband's grandmother called it Eggs in Purgatory (she said it in Italian) was because she was too proper to say Eggs in Hell. Wait until tell everyone!

          Anyway don't even consider it a recipe, just take a skillet and throw in the simplest marinara ingredients, simmer for 15 minutes, then break eggs into the sauce, spoon some sauce over each and cover and simmer very low for 10 minutes, if you're lucky the eggs might even still be a little soft in the middle. Then make a hero on Italian bread, we call them San Gennaro sandwiches (can you tell we like to name everything?) Now I'll have to read the other recipes....