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Nov 25, 2007 06:06 PM

Famous Dave's [Moved from Florida Board]

Anyone been to this 'que joint ? It's on US 19 between 580 and Enterprize in Clrwtr. Is it new ? Franchise ?

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  1. It has only been open a month or so. Don't think they have had their grand opening yet.

    My impression is that it was overpriced and the que was not stellar. Plus it seems to me that if you are going to put five different sauces on the table, then why do you put your main sauce on the meat before it comes out. I will let you draw your own conclusions on that.

    If I had my druthers, I would rather go to Sonny's than Famous Daves. And not that I eat at Sonny's that often either.


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    1. re: RibDog

      MAN ! If Sonny's is better than Dave's; then Dave's really sucks. In my long experience,I've never seen a chain that could compete with the good locals. Dave's sounds like it in in the same crappy, overpriced category as Fred Fleming's, Smokey Bones and - yes - Sonny's.

      1. re: shurshot

        I used to live in Atlanta, and now I live in Minneapolis. I've never had a Famous Dave's as bad as the best Sonny's, and never had Sonny's as good as the worst Dave's. I would equate Dave's as "good food fast" and Sonny's as "fast food".

        That said, both places are dependent on who runs the local franchise, and Sonny's is more consistent, so there's a chance that there's an abysmally bad Dave's out there crying out to be avoided.

        If you have good local q, stick with it. Here in Minnesota, good q is a rare commodity, so Dave's is - unfortunately - about as good as it gets for most people.

    2. The one in Tallahassee has only passable BBQ. Sides are lacking. It is glitzy and cute and that usually spells "not as good as a local joint."

      1. hi. dave is from minnesota, and he now has a big nationwide chain. yes he is a real person. from what i hear, dave's locations nationwide vary enormously from location to location. here in msp some of his locations are okay, at least they cook with real wood & smoke. elsewhere in america i'd have to rec you try your local Q establishments, or sample dave's with a grain of salt, as some offerings may be acceptable and others not so much.

        1. Our local Dave's is pretty good, even in the midst of bbq country. You get a lot of food for the money, and it's decent. We usually order one of the 'feasts' - combo of a couple meats and sides - we order the 'feast' for 2, ad a couple of additional corn bread pieces, and we can easily get 2 dinners for 2 out of it.

          1. I totally agree with those that recommend any good, local BBQ over Famous Dave's. I have a hard time paying nearly $20 for a rack of "perfectly acceptable" ribs when I've paid far less across the country for heavenly food. That said, I don't have ready access to a lot of great BBQ (in MSP) so sometimes it does the trick. Certainly, wood-smoked meat is not in abundance here.

            The upside around here is that you know you'll get decent food that isn't wrecked by overcooking or carelessness. Their grilling is formulaic, so they don't ruin the meat. The sauces are also not bad and there are enough varieties to mildly please most preferences. All in all, it's dependable, not excellent. Give it a try...see what you think.