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Nov 25, 2007 06:02 PM

Good restaurants with bar in West Village and beyond ?


I am staying in NYC for a couple months for work, and would appreciate good restaurants where I can order dinner at the bar, as I am usually by myself, or maybe have someone join me. The West Village is most convenient for me, but I am open to surrounding areas. Places that I have eaten and my own rating with 10 being perfect: Little Owl (9), Pearl Oyster Bar (8), Fatty Crab (5), Lupa (8), Snack Taverna (8), Cafe de Bruxelles (7), Buenos Aires (8), Tomoe Sushi (8), Rocco's (7). I enjoy all good cuisine, and try to stay around $45 all inclusive most of the time, maybe $60 once in a while.

Thanks much in advance,

- TH

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  1. Wow, you've really done a good job dining your way through the neighborhood!

    There are two more total faves which I would add.

    First is Perilla (Harold Dieterle from Top Chef's place) on Jones Street which has a long bar with a lot of people eating at it. The food is amazing and they are really nice there. My husband has gone there by himself a couple of times when I was traveling.

    Second is right near there on Carmine Street -- Po, which used to be Mario Batali's first restaurant. He doesn't own it anymore but the food there is also still really amazing and the staff there is also very nice. The bar there is small. Maybe four or five seats but you can definitely eat at it. My husband's dined there by himself too. (Sigh...I'm sounding like a neglectful wife!)

    Another one, which we haven't been to yet is the new Market Table restaurant (Bedford at Carmine) owned by the Little Owl owners but with a different head chef. We walked by there and peeped in this weekend and they have a very large bar which I assume you can eat at. I definitely want to try it.

    Also if you are staying temporarily in the West Village and you want food delivered really fast, call Mama Buddha. It's just your average Chinese place (great scalion pancakes, though), but they usually arrive delivering your food within ten minutes of your call!

    1. August - ranging from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe. Seasonal / local. A GREAT burger for lunch and the Alsatian tart is to die for. Wine list has a nice selection from all areas. Their brunch and dinner is fantastic but I feel lunch has the best value.

      Barbuto - Somewhat pricey (still in your price range) but Italian/local/seasonal menu. Fantastic pan-fried gnocchi. I prefer this gnocchi dish to Lupa's because of the interesting textures. Their menu changes frequently though but I doubt they could make a blunder. The restaurant has garage doors that surround the perimeter and an open kitchen to watch.

      Perry Street - Cheap lunch with nouveau Jean-George style. Killer cocktails.

      'ino - The sandwich shop brought to you by Jason Denton (main owner at Lupa). Great panini (try the sausage with butternut squash). Super cheap but go early.

      Murray's Cheese has terrific snacks to go, so does Amy's Bread if you are in a rut. Market Table is nice but the Little Owl is much better. Pearl Oyster bar is only go for lunch and the lobster roll. Blue Ribbon and Mas are expensive but worth going to once while you are in town. I would avoid Po, Lupa is much better overall for Italian food and price, since you have already been.

      1. August, Market Table, 'ino, Barfry, Po, Crispo, Jane

        1. expensive, but i'll throw them out:

          go during off hours and you can eat at the bar at SPOTTED PIG pretty easily, but you may catch a limited menu unless you time it to be just before dinner.

          EN JAPANESE BRASSERIE has some great drinks, happy hour and you can usually easily eat in the bar area.

          EO aka EMPLOYEES ONLY on hudson is another one with good food and esp stellar drinks, but you cant eat at the bar -- its always mobbed.

          1. two recent faves for bar dining with killer food in the west village are:

            gusto - rustic sicilian in a plush, kind of loungey/hip (yet gorgeous) setting.

            alta - creative tapas in a converted carriage house. also a beautiful setting.

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              Also Gottino just opened up - more small plates I believe.

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                Oops! You're short in the hatch, Mac! You forgot the wonderful Crispo. And across the street is a kind of new bar where you can go after dinner (although Crispo's bar isn't exactly chopped liver either.)