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Nov 25, 2007 06:00 PM

Quarry Lake - Pikesville, MD

Went up to the new Asian place at Quarry Lake in Pikesville...Food was good, had beef with string beans which was tasty, dumplings were good too. Wonton soup too. But no crispy noodles!! (you know the kind you stick in your soup) Shrimp Fried Rice and Honey Chicken. Shrimp was kind of puny, and had the nasty veins still in it tho. Portions nice, adequate. Prices OK for entrees ($8-$15 mostly). Lots of options for Sushi too. but not a Sushi fan here.
charge ya $2 for a stinkin pot of tea though. Actually it was $4, since there was 4 of us. But tea was ok (Not really worth $4 tho; not sure when they started charging for tea either). Asked waitress if it came with the meal like 3x times, and she said yea. I guess not though. No fortune cookies either :( Just was brought some cheap generic mints with the bill
Anyhoo, anyone know what all else restaurant-wise is going to be up there (Other than the California Tortilla which is not open yet)???
Feel free to comment on the Jasmine-Asian Restaurant place too...

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  1. I haven't been by the site for a few months to see how it's progressing for myself, but I believe a lease was signed for a branch of Oz. Chophouse and Maggie Moo's Ice Cream.

    It was reported here on Chowhound a while back that Carmine's would be coming, and I got excited thinking it was the family-style Italian place (similar to Maggiano's or That's Amore). But it appears that Carmine's is the formal licensee name, it's unrelated to the NYC chain, and the restaurant will be a pizza place (Ciao). Possibly related to the Carmine's N.Y. Pizza in Hunt Valley?

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      yes, its related to the Carmines in Hunt Valley, not the one in NYC.

      1. re: elegantelliot

        MY understanding is that Ciao pizza is a separate entity and is not part of the Carmines in Hunt Valley. announcement has been made on any signed leases for either of the 2 "upscale" restaurants at the Quarry. Stay tuned!

        1. re: MDicecreamguy

          i have heard otherwise, but i could be wrong

      2. re: tubman

        oZ. decided not to go into Quarry Lake. I believe there is a Ruth's Chris pretty close to that location - don't know if this is their reason, just a guess.

      3. I ate at Jasmines the weekend they opened, posted a review on here. Service was a bit flaky since it was new but very friendly and I thought our food was good. The vegetables in the Pad Thai were incredibly fresh tasting and we loved the burgandy black bean sauce taste.

        1. Jasmine Asean Bistro was one of our favorite places to eat where we were in Towson, living in Rodgers Forge. Sushi is great there. So glad that both Jasmine Asian Bistro and Sushi Hana (coming to Lake Falls Village in Feb) are on this side of town! Try the Red Thai Curry Beef...too die for! And in a good way!