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Foodie Fight: Anyone played it?

My friend just sent me a link to a trivia game called Foodie Fight. Don't want to waste my money on something else that gathers dust.... Has anyone played it? Is it any good?

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    1. I just asked for this for Hanukkah! I'm SO excited! I'll report back.

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        I finally got a copy! I love it - it comes in such a cute little box. And so far I've done terribly with the trivia questions...heh.

      2. I just bought it for my foodie friend Pam for Christmas. I can't wait to play it.

        1. Thanks, great tip. That will take care of a couple of gifts. For $20, why not is my attitude. Looks like it's back-ordered at a bunch of places. Oh well.

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            I bought it on www.uncommongoods.com and it was in stock just a few days ago. They are very good about shipping the goods out promptly. I just checked and they have them in stock but very few left and they will not get a new shipment until March.

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              Thanks for the tip. I know I should jump on it but I just looked around and Chronicle Books in SF has them and I work close by so I'm going to try there first.

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                They still have it on surlatable.com. Everywhere else I checked, it's sold out...

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                  I take that back... Just got a message from surlatable.com, after I placed my order, that it is in fact backordered.

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                    I ordered it from Tower Books online. Right now it's "in process". I have a feeling I'll get the same results since a lot of online stuff is fulfillment deals and comes from the same warehouse.

          2. I saw it a couple months ago at a gift shop. The questions I read were interesting. I could see my mother-in-law and I getting addicted to it. I also would love to hear from others as to whether or not it is woth getting.

            1. I wish I would have asked for this for Christmas. The sad part - I would have to play this by myself.

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                So would I. I saw the game in a shop, recognized it from this thread, and hinted to my SO. He asked who'd play it with me.

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                  invite some local hounds over for a foodie fight dinner party!

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                    We got this for Hanukkah and have played it, it's fun! I would suggest it for foodie couples and friends to wile away the winter hours. (Especially since the writer's strike has limited TV) I wonder if they will produce a addendum since I can see us going through the cards pretty quickly.

              2. We sell this at the store I work in so I picked one up a couple weeks ago to have around for dinner parties, etc. My husband and I broke it open and played it yesterday afternoon.

                It's simple to play and fun. We didn't find the questions to be too hard or obscure but challenging enough. A few that we came across were a bit poorly written but that's to be expected in most trivia games.

                Definitely fun. We also sell one for wine lovers and another for beer lovers. They're both by the same company. (we've been sold on out Food Fight for the last week so sorry can't help anyone find one either!)

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                  it was on the table at a local restaurant and just played it at lunch for an hour or so. it was fun! the questions were easy to obscure. it would be fun to pass the time with some food oriented friends over cocktals and snacks.

                2. Got it for our cousin who works in Napa (knows almost everything about food and wine) and he loved it! We also loved playing it! Worked like Trivial Pursuit and questions were challenging for even him! Highly recommend!

                  1. We played Foodie Fight on New Year's Eve and had a great time. You get a brick of question cards about the size of a Trivial Pursuit set, and they range from easy to sophisticated. It's erudite yet flexible -- non-gastronomes can play as well.

                    1. I ordered this from Tower.com during the first week of December 2007 as a Christmas gift. It just arrived today. I'd completely forgotten about it at this point. I guess it will become a Vernal Equinox gift.

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                        Boston University is doing a foodie fight to benefit a scholarship program this coming Friday the 28th. Don't think they are using the boxed game. As I understand local food celebrities will be there to help.

                      2. My mother just sent me this as gift. So much fun! It's like TP for food. Even my SO who isn't exactly into food had fun with it last night.

                        1. Wow, very very fun game. Goes quickly. There are even questions non-foodies would know. Trouble is, when you have run through all the cards, then what? Are there new decks to buy? We had a blast Christmas Day and the game took less than an hour.

                          1. Does anyone know who created the game? I read Mario Batali, but haven't been able to confirm that....

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                              There's a quote/endorsement on the box by Batali, among others, but it is copyrighted by Joyce Cook, so i assume she created it

                            2. We played this last week with a couple of friends (4 total players). Some of the questions were horribly written but we had a fair bit of fun with it, overall. We each took our own gameboard which made for a rather long game, we all agreed we'd do two teams of two next time. Other than that, we made a couple of agreed upon rules changes and had a good time with it. You definitely don't need to be obsessed with food to be able to enjoy the game and do well. I know more about food in many senses than my wife or our friends and am the one serious cook in the group but I came in 3rd or 4th out of the 4. It really came out pretty evenly. It's also nice that it take up so little space so it's easy to take along to a friend's house or on a trip.