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Nov 25, 2007 05:11 PM

Chocolate Ricciarelli

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for chocolate ricciarelli? Not chocolate-covered, but chocolate. I had these in Siena at Nannini and brought some home from another Siennese bakery and I really want to make some at home. I've only been able to find recipes for the plain almond kind. Someone suggested that I just add some cocoa powder to the standard recipe, but I'd rather use a recipe that someone has used and had success with. Thanks!

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  1. haven't made these, but you could just as well use melted high quality chocolate mixed into the ground almonds. You would be more assured of getting a high quality chocolate and you could vary the flavor by using some of the more exotic chocolate blends.

    Fold almonds very carefully into whites to retain as much volume as possible.

    1. Do you have a recipe you're working on, chocolate or plain? I googled a few and they look interesting. I might like to try these instead of amaretti for my holiday cookies, but since I've never had these I don't know exactly what result I'm aiming for. If you have any luck, please post.

      1. I know this is a bit late, but I have also been looking for a chocolate ricciarelli cookie recipe after having them in Siena. Did anyone try adding chocolate to the almond recipe? Any other leads? Thanks!

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          I'd love a recipe, too, if someone could post it.


        2. My boyfriend's mother and sister have been begging me to try a recipe since they found out I bake. They had chocolate ricciarelli when traveling in Italy years ago and haven't been able to find them since.

          I did a number of unsuccessful Google searches for "chocolate ricciarelli," but finally decided to modify one of them because I couldn't find anything helpful.

          I found three or four recipes that were very similar to each other; all of them called for 3 cups of almond meal and 2 large egg whites. When I made my cookies I removed one cup of almond meal and replaced it with a cup of high-fat Dutch press baking cocoa. To make the dough come together, I had to add a third egg white. Most recipes recommended leaving the cookies out in order to allow them to dry, but I popped mine straight into the oven.

          My dough was still very crumbly and dry, and the powdered sugar didn't stick to it very well, but the cookies were met with enthusiastic approval when I presented them at Christmas. I did not roll them in powdered sugar after removing them from the oven; the result was a sticky exterior, but the pale surface crackled prettily, exposing the deep brown of the interior. The outside was chewy and the inside soft.

          The recipes I found called for the zest of one orange. I think it was a bit overwhelming with the almond and chocolate, but the flavors were good together. I plan to use about half an orange next time.

          If you're interested in my exact recipe, please let me know. I'm happy to email it.

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            We don't have any sort of private messaging system, so we don't have a way for posters to contact you directly, and we don't recommend posting your email here, as it opens you up to spam and other unwanted email. We'd really appreciate it if you would post the recipe here, so everyone could benefit. Thanks!