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Nov 25, 2007 04:40 PM

marzipan source?

Hi all, I'm looking for marzipan to cover a fruitcake. I've looked at the Queensway Sobeys, The Duff/Finch Highland Foods and the Gastronom (Russian Grocer) but surprisingly haven't found any.
Where do you get yours? Any tips on using it?

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  1. Dawn's Food and Lentia supply marzipan. I think they deal with customers right off the street. If not, find a European bakery near you. Not a deli that has stuff brought in, but a bakery that does stuff on site. They are often willing to sell you ingredients. I often supply walk in customers with marzipan, fresh yeast, or even lumps of specific doughs as requested.

    1. I think the bulk stores sell it, perhaps check there.

      1. As for tips on using it... Keep it covered when not using it. It dries out quickly and then is garbage. It is too expensive, so only take out what you are working with and keep the rest covered at all times. A good quality marzipan (I prefer Odense as offered by Lentia), can be rolled, shaped or otherwise molded. When on a cake, it can be left out for a short bit at a time,but you generally want to refridgerate it when not in use. A good chocolate shell or glaze will prolong out of fridge shelf life significantly.

        1. Domino's, in the basement of St. Lawrence, has both unformed marzipan and assorted shaped and dyed marzipan pieces (berries, various season/holiday things, etc.).

          1. thanks everyone! I will try Domino's this coming weekend.