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Nov 25, 2007 04:17 PM

New and Notable Sushi Mid-City/East Side?

I'm not opposed to going west - but would prefer to stay fairly close to home. I've been to R23, Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, Komasa, O-Masa, and many of the J-town staples. Looking for someplace new to try. We don't go in for the crazy-roll kind of joint, but we can't affort Urusawa prices either. Something with a traditional flair would be OK, up to around $100.00 per couple with drinks. Any suggestions are much appreciated. If you have favorite dishes, or details about the chefs and ambiance - that would be appreciated too.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Heading westward, my favorite is Sushi Ike, right off the Gower exit off the 101. Nearby also is Shibucho on Beverly, though I've never been.

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      I recall seeing some very good reports on Saito Sushi in Silver Lake. Contact info below:

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        The sushi at Saito is pretty good and definitely the best in that neighborhood. If you care much about ambience, though this might not be the place as it's in a fairly nasty strip mall on Sunset.

    2. I recommend Azami Sushi in the mid-city (Melrose east of LaBrea) area. Sit at the counter and let the chef know you're looking for "something with a traditional flair" as, IMHO, it can get fusion-y there.

      7160 Melrose Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90046
      (323) 939-3816

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        correction: Azami is, ahem, *west* of LaBrea by one and a half blocks.

      2. Hokusai - on the North side of Wilshire between San Vicente and la Cienega.