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Nov 25, 2007 04:04 PM

Fat Free Cheese?

Ok, so I can find fat free cottage cheese and fat free "plastic" fat free singles, but is fat free shredded or block cheese not sold in Canada? I cannot find it anywhere. In the U.S. it is so common you can basically pick it up at convenience stores and gas stations (no, I am not kidding).

Does anyone know if/where it can be found? I am willing to pretty much travel anywhere within the GTA.


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  1. the only fat free cheese ive ever been able to find (and ive checked every store, from loblaws, to dominion, to whoel foods, to the big carrot to the low carb grocery etc) is that stupid fat free singles. which is annoying since so many of my low fat recipes call for it and the fat free singles doesnt cut it for me. if you DO find it, pls let me know where

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      1. re: jayt90

        well i can tolerate it, but its still not what NewCanuck is looking for, and i dont know what her thoughts are on it. I personally dont love it, but then again, maybe Id hate fat free cheese too seeing as ive never been able to taste it (other then the prcoessed singles crap)

        1. re: hungryabbey

          When I was on the Pritikin diet no fats were allowed, except a hard green Swiss grating cheese, which was barely tolerable, but had no fat. That was the the worst part of the diet, which I grew to like, and I even admired the cheese, but can't easily get it now..

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            hm green swiss cheese eh? never heard of it. this is a stupid question, but is it green?

            1. re: hungryabbey

              Yeah, I think herbs were pressed into it. Any Pritikin book will mention it, be he is long gone, and maybe the cheese is too!

    1. Allegro brand makes 4% fat cheese (practically ff) in slices. It's not processed cheese. There's a few different types, like swiss and mozzarella, etc. I use it for sandwiches, even grilled cheese, with good results.

      As for block cheese, try Whole Foods. If it's available anywhere, it'll be here.

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        allegro 4% also comes in blocks at some supermarkets - you usually find it with the black diamond and crackerbarrel.

        1. re: wickalicious

          I was a little hesitant about Allegro 4% cheese - thought it might be rubbery in texture with little flavour, but I was pleasantly surprised. Have been buying it in blocks regularly from the supermarket, and now I find Balderson cheddar too rich to eat!

          1. re: tampopo

            Yeah, it actually makes decent melty strings.

      2. I've seen low fat block cheeses for sale, but not fat free. (Yes, the dread diet.)

        1. Other than what you've mentioned, I've not been able to find fat free cheese here. I believe that the chemical used to make it fat free isn't approved in canada -- that's why we don't get things like the fat free pringles/ruffles here either. I normally just stock up when I'm in buffalo.

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          1. re: furhead

            From experience, it's a futile search. I also had to settle for the Allegro 4% cheese, although it's awful if I top a sandwich with it and put in under the broiler. The result is a very, very shiny, plastic looking cheese that becomes chewy. Not very appetizing.

            But, of course, when I'm in Buffalo the local Tops market carries various varieties of fat free cheese, including a really good FF ricotta.