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Nov 25, 2007 04:00 PM

Making a Christmas food gift for a diabetic

I have a diabetic friend that I would love to send some homemade goodies to for Christmas. They don't have to be sweet. I'm thinking about spiced nuts but what else? Oh yeah, she's a real foodie and a better cook than I am!


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  1. Certainly your heart is in the right place, but I'd be very nervous about sending homemade goodies to someone who's a diabetic AND a better cook than I! Have you considered sending upscale condiments? Maybe lemon- or orange-infused EV olive oil, champagne or sherry vinegar, a box of organic bay leaves, preserved lemons, tamarind paste, a wonderful sea salt, kafir lime leaves, sriracha sauce, a tube of anchovie paste for fun, an unusual mustard, or extravagant saffron. Maybe send the spiced nuts as well and say: nibble on these and think of me while you play in the kitchen!

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      If she has type 1 diabetes and is in good control, she can eat anything she wants. She has the tools to take the correct amount of insulin to cover the food. I don't think you should be nervous about sending food to someone with diabetes, especially someone who loves food and loves to cook!

    2. How about a selection of homemade spice rubs? All the food mags have had them in their recent issues.

      1. If you know *exactly* what she can eat, jackie, that's one thing...but I think it's really chancy. And, remember, it's not really sweets that are the problem, it's *blood sugar*, which can be affected by many foods.

        If she loves to cook and loves to eat, I'd bet she'd be thrilled to get some special ingredients such as the ones nemo and porceluna listed.

        I'll eat anything (well, not beets), and love to get food gifts, but I love just as much getting special potions and herbs and such for my own masterpieces ;-).

        1. Great thoughts all. I just got two excellent artisanal olive oils in my travels, and I guess I could give ONE of them up for friendships sake. And she's going to get into curing her own meats so I think some rubs would be excellent!

          And I'm a mustard freak so I think that idea is awsome. I've been wanting to make my own preserved lemons. This looks like the ideal time (of course I'll make a test batch first).

          Keep them coming folks!

          1. concur w/ oils. also vinegars. how about a variety of salts, sea salt, flavored salts, peppers.

            jars of tapenade, marinated 'chokes or veggies, etc.