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Nov 25, 2007 03:26 PM

Raw Milk? Cow Shares? Goat Shares?

Does anyone know of any local dairies offering raw milk - either cow or goat? How about any cow shares or goat shares in the area?

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  1. A quick google of "goat dairy central texas" turned up this:, which sounds like a very cool goat dairy. Pure Luck is closer, but I couldn't tell whether they offer milk in addition to their wonderful cheese.

    1. Here's a list of everywhere you can find raw milk in Texas:

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        I'm blanking on the name of the farm, but the family in the back center at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market (across from Doctor Kracker) with all the cheeses does has milk available. However, in order to purchase it, you have to join a group or get shares I think.

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          I think you're referring to Full Quiver. They make wonderful cheese!

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            Milk King also has great cheese. They are at the Lakeline Farmer's market every Saturday. I wish they still made queso.

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        1. Liberty Hill used to have a farm that sold milk and cream. I cannot remember where it was because it was so long ago but maybe if you asked around someone could direct you.

          1. Green Gate Farms is starting a raw milk share right now. They are located near the corner of 969 (MLK) and Decker Lane. I believe they may also have a couple of fall CSA shares still available. The milk is cow's milk which they pick up once a week from another semi-local farm. I'm not sure about goat milk but they do raise a few goats there. Give them a call for info - here's the website. I was there the other day picking up some amazing arugula, and they were cooking beans in a solar oven! Wow!

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              I ordered raw milk from the dairy associated with them last week and it was amazing! Their farm stand is great too-- they have yoga in the hayloft on Saturdays.