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Nov 25, 2007 03:00 PM

El Paso-Forti's, Carlos & Mickey's

Someone recommended both Forti's and Carlos & Mickey's for Mexican food in El Paso. We are only here for one night and are on the east side. What would you recommend?

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  1. Not sure if you are still in town- I had lunch at Forti's this week. Enjoyed it. Much better than the lunch I had at Avilas.

    1. Go into Juarez to Chihuahua Charlie's which is a terrible name for a restaurant which serves seriously good food. Specifically, tequila shrimp which is made tableside. Also, I have a personal obsession with tortilla soup having eaten it all over the Southwest as well as having made it using my own from scratch chicken stock. Camino Real in downtown El Paso has the best I have ever had. You can have it sitting at their bar. On every trip I actually have two-or three-bowls of this and call it dinner! Last the best pistachios in the world are made 100 miles or so away in New Mexico at Heart of the Dessert. You can buy them in El Paso. Look for the green chili and garlic.