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Nov 25, 2007 02:35 PM

Emilio's in Harrison

Keep reading good reviews of this restaurant -- has anyone been there?

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  1. I have not been in a few years, but I always thought it was very good. It's in an old house (used to be the Cherry Lawn Inn in my youth), the food is fresh and well-prepared, very much a friendly atomsphere, made me feel like I was in Italy. It has a high number in Zagat, I would love to hear from some others who have been there more recently.

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      I haven't been since Emilio died. It used to be very good, with appetizer and dessert tables that were brought table-side. It's so very near, I too would like to know if it's still good.

    2. You will enjoy Emilios. They still do the antipasto table which was for years the only one I knew of around until Antipasti opened last week. The pastas are all homemade -- on premises -- by Emilios wife and his son Sergio runs the dining room. Gracious hosts, excellent food.

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        Can you tell us more about Antipasti? Where is it? Thanks.

      2. I ate there once many years ago, back before Westchester restaurants still allowed smoking. It was a large party and we asked to be in the nonsmoking room, but they neglected that and we had smoke all around us all evening. Perhaps it was better that way as my brother had taken his girlfriend there for dinner a few months prior and they were put in the nonsmoking room. It was a back room with NO HEAT.

        That aside, I can remember the meal as being fantastic. I had homemade ravioli with swiss chard in a walnut cream sauce. I LOVED the antipasto cart. It was so much fun choosing stuff from it.

        If the place is still good, I'd love to go back again.

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          I can't say enough good things about Emilio's. If you are looking for action and a hot spot this isn't it though. The service is great, the antipasto cart is wonderful. Always has a FRESH fish dish or two. Nice space between tables and you can actually have a conversation with dinner guests. The service is professional and courteous. The pastas are made in house and are special. An extensive and reasonable wine collection as well. The way a restaurant should be run. No paper tablecloths or bare tables here.

          Saturdays can be a bit rushed. If it is your first time trying the place do it on a Thursday.

        2. went late friday nite with my daughter. had just come from softball practice, and were, to say the least, not dressed up. they let us in anyway. food was excellent, esp the antipasti cart. service was great too. not cheap, but i will go back with the rest of my family.

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            Had dinner at Emilio's Sunday night. What a refreshingly terrific dining experience. Old world service and outstanding food. It was a snowy night and the restaurant was not crowded to say the least but you's never know it by how we were treated. The selections from the antipasti cart tasted as good as they looked. My pasta with seafood and garlic and oil was really good. Fresh seafood and incredibly fresh tasting pasta. My sister's canneloni brought back memories of of this great dish a family friend used to lovingly prepare and my wife's veal dish was made just right.All in all a great meal and a restaurant we would certainly return to.

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              I'm so glad to hear all these reviews about Emilio's. They even have their own parking lot!