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Nov 25, 2007 01:55 PM

North Broad street

I've found myself driving the length of North Broad street (Phila) several times a week at different times of the day. Anything good - particularly in the take out realm - that I should be on the lookout for?

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  1. Osteria. It's Vetri's most recent project. Pricey but tastey.

    1. You could check out the food trucks at Temple thread. no 'must visit' treats, but N. Broad is kinda slim pickings, at least as far as I know (I could well be wrong).

      1. not much doing. An idea would be to take N Broad to the end and hang a right on Cheltenham..down to 5th street. Lots of Korean restaurants to choose from..

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          Check out the plethora of Latino restaurants around North 5th St. For example Tierra Colombiana, which is a Colombian/Cuban restaurant and Bohio, which is Puerto Rican. There are also some good Portuguese places as well. All will give you great meals, are inexpensive, and great cultural experiences as well.

        2. A couple of places come to mind that you might want to try:

          Oak Lane Diner @ Broad & 66th - above average diner food, extensive menu, pie & cake case, excellent service & friendly atmosphere. My favorite Philadelphia diner!

          Under the Oak @ 804 Oak Lane (just a few blocks off Broad) - just opened in September, a cafe specializing in organic, locally grown, homemade foods. I've been there for brunch, and thought that their quiche was delicious (cheesy!). I also had broiled grapefruit and cinnamon toast. They have gourmet sandwiches & salads & baked goods, and they are open 6:30 to 6:30 (I think).

          Halal Bilal @ Broad & 65th - if you order their fish sandwich, you will get enough fish for 3 sandwiches. It is not a particularly memorable sandwich, except for the huge amount of fish.

          Golden Krust @ Broad & Olney - I haven't been here yet, but I've heard good things. It is a chain serving Jamaican food; their menu is on Menupages.

          Sid Booker's Shrimp @ Broad & Belfield. Jim Leff stopped by here on his Chowtour of Philadelphia. I haven't been myself, but I am tempted!

          Not in Philadelphia, but if you are continuing north on 611 through Elkins Park - I really like the falafel stand in the Market at Ashbourne (across from the Elkins Park train station, and only a few blocks off 611). Grilled felafel, fresh salads, good pita.

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            Thanks all... was familiar with the korean and latin areas from reading here before.

            Definitely going to check out the falafel and the Jamaican

            1. re: coolgeek

              Please report back. I also drive that stretch daily and would love to hear what you learn. The only place I've tried of those is the Oak Lane Diner--good for basic diner food, and Golden Krust, which is also good.

              It's not a restaurant, but Cousin's, the big supermarket at Broad and the Boulevard has a huge selection of latino ingredients and lots of fun cuts of meat.

              1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                So far:

                Had an okay burger at the Oak Lane Diner. Will try something else next time.

                The Middle Eastern place in the old Ashbourne market seems to have been closed for at least a month

                1. re: coolgeek

                  Shucks...that was good felafel, and I hope they resurface somewhere! It is not surprising however that the location didn't work out...I think that they would have done better with a storefront rather than stuck inside that lonely market.

                  I thought of another suggestion: The Back Home Cafe on Fairmount just off Broad. It is run by Project HOME, staffed by formerly homeless individuals who are getting back on their feet. I used to go there for lunch sometimes, and I thought it was professionally run, a pleasant atmosphere, and a good place for a salad or a sandwich. I'm not sure if they do take-out, though.

            2. re: refinnej

              I just went to Under the Oak this weekend with a few friends and it was great! It is such a cozy place and has friendly service and delicious food. I think I'll probably be back again soon!

              1. re: refinnej

                oooooh I am SO excited for Under the Oak... thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely visit this weekend. It sounds so great.

              2. A couple of other Jamaican options: one at the intersection of Broad, Rising Sun, and Westmoreland (entrance on Rising Sun). Another one just up the block from Golden Krust. Sorry, I can't remember their names, but they're both pretty decent. At Golden Krust, I always get rice and peas with oxtail gravy. Very cheap and the gravy gives tons of flavor without paying for the meat.

                There's a good crepe cart on the west side of Broad just below Tioga. I'm not much of a fan of lunch trucks but this one is good--fresh ingredients and the cook (he's French) is a nice guy.

                I like the breakfast all day at Erie Square restaurant, On Germantown Ave. just below Erie (about 1/4 block east of Broad and Erie). Not really anything special, just your basic diner breakfast, but good and cheap (under $2.50 for eggs, home fries, and toast).

                I wish there were more good places on this long busy street.